Pics1 format

Just made this, it’s the format pics1 follows, for those interested. It was generated via script, so it’s 100% accurate. I know it might seem useless with type 2 tilesets but meh.

The 3 grey tiles apparently have no tiletype, but as far as I know, they are shallow lava.

That is super useful. Great job mate! Wonder if there is a way to use throw-thru tiles as an easy way to script a better graal jumping script? Ie. instead of just ignoring onwall checks for that duration, get the npc to “throw” the player when jumping. He would still stop at walls but would clear smaller objects well in the air.

Throw-through simply means you can throw objects like rocks/bombs and such over them.

However, since there is no tiletype function in these early versions of Graal that I know of, there is no real way to make much use of that, script-wise. You’d just have to put all the tile codes in an array and do the detection like that, in which it wouldn’t matter where they were anyways :slight_smile:

Aye I use an array of “throw over tiles” in Sentinel’s boomerange, so it can fly over tables, bushes, fenses, and certain cliff tiles and blackness.

Very cool image, you used GS2 to generate it?

Sadly, yes. I had to log back on, but I had to get on and back-up some of my scripts so I just went ahead and did it while I was signed on.

There isn’t any change to the tile def’s in the arrays.dat in graal v5?

Nice work btw Shiny.

They haven’t been touched since v2.0 when they added another set of tiles (8 tile wide collumb). However that is also the theoretical maximum tiles for graal, given the tile encryption method.

Only other change they did was add in half-assed non-layering support for the “NewWorld” tileset, which people lovingly refer to as “the Era tileset”.

That’s damn good Shiny.
Even if I was a Pics2 person myself.

I did that before, but stopped halfway through realising it was taking me a ridiculous amount of time. :smiley:

This will help out a lot of people.

Graal can read files with layers on them, unfortunately it can’t do transparent tilesets though so that’s kind of pointless.

Well the new one can apparently do layers+transparency, but sadly fails at alpha-transparency, rendering this tileset I made pretty useless:
Red tiles are tiles saved from eliminating the redundant tiles needed from the lack of layers. I could have probably got rid of a lot more. Needless to say this is useless here :stuck_out_tongue:

What part of that tileset requires alpha transparency?

The white is pure transparency, the grey is alpha tranparency. I made it as such so there would only need to be one set of shadow tiles, things like signs, which have shadows, can be used on any set of tiles, things with dark outlines AA’d to their surroundings can also be used on anything(like the rocks, trees and such).

Here are a few examples:

I’ve never tried layering on Graal. It looks neat. I’ll try it out when I can.

Currently not really possible. I mean, it IS, but there is no editor that supports layers… so unless you want to manually write up the levels in a text editor…

I tried a few months back, the client instantly undoes the other layers. >_>

Graal doesn’t, but if you save it with the editor… ya it does do that. Which was also another problem I encountered that really blew. There are many, though.

And testing in offline mode = saving. o_o

Meh, when I did it, I just made a level for each layer, then copy/pasted the other level data into the first level and adjusted the layer values appropriately. Then just uploaded it and tested it online(since you can’t even test in offline mode, since it lacks layer support anyway).