Post your desktop!

Post a screenshot of YOUR desktop! :slight_smile:

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Behold, I haven’t given a damn about my desktop in years.

Re: Post your desktop!

Feels like its been ages since I last even posted…here it goes.

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No one runs Linux on their Workstation but me? :frowning:

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You can play games on Linux too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Luvs my DirectX, Wine doesn’t compare.

my desktop

my desktop XD

Here’s my desktop, don’t even have a picture on it though due to laziness.
I’ll attach one for the hell of it though.

double screen FTW its still WinXP btw (hate Vista)
oh, and the Wallpaper… did that myself >_>

Yeah I hate Vista too, i’m using Server 2008.
I had a real nice theme for XP though, not a vista one mind you.
Not really any point upgrading to Vista to be honest, Windows 7 is coming out next year after all. Vista is the new Windows ME :smiley:

i wouldn’t wait for Windows Vienna (v7’s working name)
its so totally build for microshits office :\
i guess that in the first month only about… 5 games would work o:

I personally don’t like Vista that much.

Yeah I know they both have the same kernel, it’s just that server 2008 comes with practically nothing installed out of the box whereas vista comes with everything. Server is like reverse-bloat and vista is just “lets throw everything at you”. Server seems to run faster than Vista on my PC too (I had Vista Ultimate on here before I put server on)

I run a Gentoo box :slight_smile: AND I LOVE IT!

Here’s mine.

Because whatshisface demanded it.

Um, my desktop. With a picture of me in drag and paris hilton, no real comment. Girlfriend made the background using one of those photosites. Desktop is crazy cluttered after finding sources for a uni essay this week. Enjoy

Uhh… Why you dressed in drag…? O.o

Pinks my color, brings out the eyes

p.s. Tsu has the coolest desktop so far