Publicity Ideas

Im not sure if we are aloud to Publicize Graal Reborn and all the Playerworlds we have in our server list, my last server a was apart of got shut down by some legal stuff UnixFAG made up to get Xel to stop it…

BUT if we are aloud to, then can we try getting more members to join, it does seem as our main problem is the lack of players on the servers, so no matter how good the servers are or how funcy the forum gets its all for nothing if we dont get players.

One thing i sugest it, there are a hell of alot of net working websites like Facebook and My Space, we can use these as a good way to link our members better AND get new members to join, like on facebook they have groups that you can make to send info about up coming events and other stuff.

How about we use this to publicize Graal Reborn.

How about some good old fashioned spam with promises of penis enlargements and porn? And also an attractive main playerworld with active people doing active things with activities?

i support GOATSEs idea if done on those sites Negtar mentioned… MySpace is a good place to spam O:

i could provide you some nice banners with my evil photoshop skillz >:3

Kool, i think we can get somthing good together here…

Your idea is a very good way to go, with any luck we can have the Servers filled with Active Porn Addicts in no time… lol, umm maybe a bit of editing needed?

2 Tsukasa.
Yea lets get some Eye Catching Art for our Servers, see if we can get these posted on other Gaming forums too, maybe even in our Sigs, Also what kind of art can you do?, i may need so server images done.

clicky :3
and this is my actual AirRivals signature, wasted 2 days making it xD

Very Nice i like them, your very good :smiley:

oh yea ever think of making the Black background in your AirRivals Sig transparent? so it would have a funcy shape on all sites not just sites that match the background?

Will most likly be PMing you soon to see what you think of some PW Stuff.

.gif = crappy transparency
.png = no animation ;3

meh I was thinking about ripping all the GraalOnline P2P videos on youtube and posting them as GraalReborn videos =P To piss the P2P players off

lol well as long as we can keep a safe distance from GraalOnline and UnixFAGs gaze then i think you should go for any ideas you can think of.

spread the word, my folks! lure those vic~ err… players to us!

BBcode (for forums)


HTML-code (for MySpace etc.)

[noparse]<a href=""><img src="" /></a>[/noparse]

Awsome :smiley:
thats all i can say… AWSOME!!

okay, the previous was okay for forum signature etc…
but now the spam can begin!!!11one :smiley:




[noparse]<a href=""><img src="" border="0" /></a>[/noparse]

im taking suggestions on how to improve them and i make images of your choice ;3

No? Oh wait… No.

umm whats the emote for having your jaw drop to the floor and your eye pop out??
i think i need it… WOW

Its called: Google + Border Effects + Text
Its also called: Too freaking larger for a signature. Lol


Yo’ gotta hit em’ with soma dat G’ shat’! Yo gotta have shit dat’s steady pumpin’! City of Compton!

Nice banner, too bad we have no decent servers up :frowning:
Need to make a Habbo Hotel style server, too bad we have no NPC-Server though :x

Hmmm Anyone remember Valkyloria or Valkalorie , Whatever the way its spelt… I luved that server cuz you Role play and lots of people were good at it,… anyone able to make it xD or somethng like it?

Saddly PlayerWorlds that are RP based are mostly down to the players on them to make them very good at RP, only a bit of it is down to the player worlds maker…

would be good if we could do something like that.