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It seems no one here knows they’re Bomies and not Bombys.

it’s actually bomys, and my misspelling wasnt a mistake but to avoid copyright infringement against antago’s greatest original race of beings in graal

wasn’t it Bomy and the plural written bomies?

the default folder for bomys is called bomys


And God saw the bomys, and it was good; and God stole the bomys from the comics.

And God said, Let there be bomys: and there was bomys.

haha yeah, I forgot about htat… I own that comic.
La vallee des banis

edit: the forums started cutting posts at accentuated letters.

It can’t handle certain text formats for some reason. Every kaomoji I’ve posted breaks immediately, and accented letters seem to be particularly unwanted.

A circle with legs is hardly an original idea.

b-but it has a SHELL on it are you srs IT’S totallLY ORIGinal

So like a bob-omb released in Super Mario Bros. 2 in 1988? And Stefan is the one who “stole from nintendo” and “did nothing” lol?

As much as I dislike Unixmad, the more I think about antago’s demands to get him to pay off his car, loans and college tuition because of what he did on Graal many years prior, the more ridiculous I find it.

At some point you gotta take personal responsibility for the mess only you’ve gotten yourself into in life.

It’s not even like he’s wrong. But it’s still exceeding the point where it’s become acceptable to complain about. It happened when you were 19, but you’re going to complain about it into your 30s as something that ruined your life? Antago set himself up for failure by assuming that life was going to be an easy ride just because he had “ideas”.

Don’t get me wrong. Ideas are great. You can take yourself very far with ideas by placing them into the right hands. But that requires power over people in order to reap results. There’s a very big difference between an inventor having an idea and a labourer having an idea.

Well here’s a story.
My ex girlfriends left me completely depressed and I wasn’t even seeing her anymore but still felt it painful that we were still considering each other as bf/gf. At …21 I left her for good. I felt like I was completely fucked up but after 6 or 8 months I started to cope and got a job and stuff… I eventually got a job in multimedia, I was 22, in the end I was paid 23$/hour, got 10000$ aside in my bank account, loved my job and was pretty much in control cuz I wasn’t exactly an employee and got keys of the place so I could work more or less.

Then I had 2 weeks of vacation. I did nothing, absolutely nothing of those vacations. It left me pretty worried; all I had was my job, so the idea that I was completely fucked up came back to my mind. I started showing up in the afternoon and leaving at like midnight. I had a hard time not browsing the internet but I believe I still delivered. After a few weeks of that, the vp and an associate said they wanted a meeting. I told them “it’s my last contract with you guys” they answered “No, it’s your last day with us”. I was in a weird mix of happy and sad. I cried and stuff, I really wanted to at least finish what I had to do for that day so I was there half crying. They noticed something was wrong so they reiterated their decision… told me to get help and come back in a month. Which I refused, but promised to get help.

I did not get help, I had read a book called The Primal Scream that was about how to get back to normal as a disilusionned person. I thought I could just like… reset myself. So I spent a year, living on my economies and loading my credit card. In the end, when I was finally out of money and signed to the owner of my appartment I would leave in july first. The stress got to me: I had to do something. It was too much, I got really distressed and started to act weird. June 31st, the day I was supposed to move, nothing was packed. My goal was to get a motel room, find a job quick enough and get back to living my life. I was distressed though and couldn’t do stuff, a my mind felt like it was going to rip apart. So I called my close family, brother, mother, father. They came to help and noticed I was acting really weird (I hadn’t seen them for months, like half a year if not more, they all “didn’t have time”). So at one point, while I was getting my mind togheter away from the appt. while my family was packing my stuff, my brother found me. He brought me back by force, I tried to flee… cuz shit my mind was all over the place and needed time to just… get it back together. I KNOW I could have done that but they didn’t let me. I was brought to the hospital, got fucking isolated in a room and was offered “my usual medication”.

In the end I accepted that antipsychosis shit. Without knowing what it was or what it was for and why I was offered that. That stuff is strong. I felt like a taste of bleach in my fucking brain. I wanted to leave, they told me I could but that I would fall unconscious from the medication eventually, which was a lie… I’ve been lied to a fucking lot by medical staff since. Back from the hospital I was brought to a ward where they told me I could take as much medication I wanted and that they’d keep me unitl I was ok, I still don’t know if I should have… especially now I know we’re locked together in a big room all day at that place. So I got back to my father’s. I was convinced my family wasn’t my real family cuz… shit, they only came to help when shit got REALLY serious. Flipping a coin time after time after time… I finally chose to get the internship I was offered and I was transferred to another place because I wasn’t considered a montreal resident anymore (luckily).

Following that internship, being prescribed antipsychotics that made me take 60 pounds and not much directions besides “You should make some activities” and later, from my assigned psychiatrist, “You should find yourself a girlfriend” and got on and off meds, trying to balance things, sometimes getting placed in an hospital, sometimes starting back my medication because I can feel when I start having crazy ideas. (That thing about being a god in that other thread was a joke by the way). I finally, at my last internship which was last summer, through firm refusal of my medication and a tough time getting injections 3 times, got information about my medication, why I should take them, how I should take them, how they work, why they last, how they last… anyway: stuff every one in my situation should know or at least be offered to know instead of being lied to which they tried on me a lot. That internship lasted longer (a long enough time for me to understand my illness and my medication, informations that were mostly sarce and incomplete but that I could add to what I knew from searching the internet)… again, luckily, because they wanted to bring me in court so a judge can decide my rights to refuse my medication should be taken away from me. I won the case, telling the judge I have a phobia of injections, that it would make things worse. I also finally got help and now am at a house meant to rehabilitate me to being autonomous and have a fucking life (which I was refused in the past…).

Lately, I’ve been reading a book about a guy who’s a well known schizophrenia case in my province, who was the first schizophrenic person in the province to be able to really live a normal life. I now realize I was even more lied to than I thought, I was telling the hospital staff I wanted to figure out how to make schizophrenics be able to get back their lives. They told me about his case, but never about how much it happens now and… I can’t explain with words, it’s really fresh.

I don’t know about everyone and probably haven’t been a fucking God at making the right choices but I believe I have the rights to track back my unwelness to something that happened 10 years ago. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one either. So give those people a break. I don’t know about antago but I don’t want to treat people like that as if they were freaks. Yes I don’t complain about what happened 10 years ago but I did a lot… mostly while acutely depressed. I’m also left with a fucking annoying habit of starting everything I said with “I” or referring to myself, which can make people automatically dismiss what I say without sometimes even realizing it.

still tr;dr
Understand that life can hurt really bad sometimes. And most of the time it’s bits of it that did the trick and spoiled the rest.

you realize 10 years is 1/3 of Antago’s life right? That’s also his whole adult life, and he’s spent it acting like a child.

I always knew you were special.

Nah, I didn’t read it. First few lines sounded depressing af and I don’t need that shit in my life right now.

I do.
I can cut it to being 9 years of my life but that’s close enough to 10 and it’s also 1/3 of my life. It’s also almost my whole adult life and 6 years of these went completely down the drain for me… not counting the 3 others which were lightyears from being optimal.

I litteraly lost my twenties due to an early event that wouldn’t get off me.

Antago is saying the same but he might be too ill to explain it properly, I could so I did.

Also Rou, yes it is depressing shit. Tnx for the rare pepe, adding it to my statch, it’s probably worth 49817423896$ now.

Hai gais! Is this memes thread?

It is now. I swear those Japanese guys in the first vid were smirking at loud nigra. Keep up the good work with IP camera trolling.