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Viper made a new account. Again.

I did that IP cam shit last night. Really weird, was moving a camera around in some classroom and also watched some old grandpa sleep on his couch.

im not viper but i do play one on tv

Um I was 12 when I began my empire and 14 when they stole my market, my friends, my players, my content, my name, my creative outlet, confidence, happiness, my future and all the power it generated and my purpose. It was 1.5 million dollars worth of work from over 2 years not merely a bomy concept. You really don’t know what you’re talking about or how child labor and internationally pirating a child’s life while brainwashing him messes things up.
As for bomies they may resemble other characters it doesn’t matter, they belonged to me. Two grown men in control of software developing tools doesn’t give them any rights to stake claim of owner or profit off of anyone’s market, and they had none apart from what mostly myself was building and some patched work for random people they also illegally are using.
None of it belonged to them, and it still doesn’t. I guess go pirate artists and children and take credit for it if that’s your perspective of things, but it’s dishonest and theft, impersonation

I was 12 and then 14 when I built two actual game with original characters and stories, my own customer base, friends, websites, networks, a name for myself, and tons of ideas they pretty much just took and threatened me, claiming they owned the rights to. I didn’t “get myself into a mess”. I created 1.5 million dollars worth of multiplayer online gaming market, and they stole it and sold it because they didn’t have anything to sell.
As for bomies, that is none of your business; they may not be the most original thing, but they sufficed and are still my property. None of the content belonged to Unixmad or Stefan; they weren’t even a real company. Stefan made some bullshit software to steal nintendo games, and the software was provided to create your own games. So they waited, and when PACHUKA and 5 other people threatened to sue, they knew they were not allowed to sell their content so they removed it. This has happened continuously.
They stole my games because I was a child, and they groomed me and brainwashed me. That isn’t consent. At any rate, I don’t argue with atheists because all you can do is try to destroy people with your words but I will let this truth be known. Graal Online belongs to me, yes; they stole 1.5 million dollars worth of 2 years of prodigious childhood ideas and games from me.

oh hey antago. welcome back

Okay guys, just copy one of those messages and we’ll do promotional GR forum raids on random Twitch streams.

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antago has the potential to be the greatest meme ever

There is no doubt in my mind that Unixmad is schizophrenic.

interesting accusation. please elaborate.

Regardless of what you think about Antago on some other stuff and thing, I being from the same time period as him 1998 to 2002 or so and also observing the whole history of Graal and it’s criminal management and corrupt staffs; I can tell you that what Antago has to say is true.

There may be some debate and contention on the exact monetary figure he was cheated out of but it is undeniable Stephane Portha made lots of money off of other kids volunteer work, in fact 99% of the game was and is made by unpaid kids under the age of 18 and is still sold and resold for profit along with in game purchasable items on various app stores such as Apple, Google ect… - The only thing Stephane had going prior to Graal was cybersquatting, domain theft, SERP Spamming/SEO manipulation and ripping off customers at France Telecom/ and he made and did nothing himself. The only thing you could say Stephane pioneered is Theft as a Business Model or (TAABM). - It is true that Stephane aka “Eurocenter France” at the time had a few real “employees” i use the term employee loosely as most of them were not paid and subsequently slandered and attacked by Stephane when they demanded to be paid “see also the Mark Karpeles / MagicalTux saga for details of this” - I have also covered this ad nauseum in dozens of other threads, 4chan/8chan posts, ripoffreports, comments, websites and many places online linking to dozens if not hundreds of other things in each one.

If it isn’t obvious that Unixmad is mentally ill by now to someone, then that person hasn’t been paying attention for more than 10 seconds.

I should repost the gigabytes of chat logs and email threats by him again. here’s a small sample…

thewallace (08:31 AM) :

Then i will wait for you to crack the graal client to allow to play on your 2.0 server, should be fun to see that?

thewallace (08:31 AM) :

Each time you go to toilet your caz site is down, everyone known that
thewallace (08:34 AM) :

WHat a performance to run a site copying software and run by 13 year old kid… You are such a fantastic person
thewallace (08:36 AM) :

I will never negociate with anyone, everything you are doing have already be done by hundred of other and most of them where doing lot better than you.

The problem is you have even no sens of Humor it explain why you are friend with the poor Viper… Perhaps you are even doing like him using your personal Web cam to show you dik to girl under 18.

I will repeat me but you are really pathetic

for those that don’t know “thewallace” is unixmad’s icq alias and he has a strange obsession with toilets, kids, fantasizing about my “dik” and spreading lies about me.

Can’t he just be plain weird?
Being weird doesn’t mean you have a mental illness.

I definitely believe Unixmad has some form of issue which affects his memory. I have so many examples of this that I honestly wouldn’t know where to start in detailing it.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but isn’t there a clause that states any work submitted/uploaded etc becomes the property of Graal Online?

Absolutely nothing of this sort is enforceable by any contemporary system prior to Unixmad & Bomber shutting Graal down as freeware and rebranding themselves using the immediate post launch of Destiny & Bomy Moon as “their official game titles”, both of which were uploaded prior to Terms & Conditions … Prior to Graal as a business model being anything other than game developer tools with an actual GServer for developers to use with some growing collaborative map that barely belonged to anyone, and most certainly had nothing to do with Unixmad. He simply hosted content.

What they did was offered free hosting on ICQ to a child who spent 2 years doing his own full time social media, social marketing, web design, story telling, game development, character development, networking, and graphics, and administration to branch out and build games that by modern let alone pre-existing standards would have cost well over 1.5 million dollars … Something they were incapable of creating or commissioning themselves.

There were no terms and conditions. T&C were launched after they stole my content and rebranded themselves. Even if there had been terms and conditions somewhere, there was no contract and my content was uploaded via some third party FTP software by myself to a free directory they provided to me of courtesy, not of legal trade. Giving someone permission to write data to your hard drive does not give you legal rights over that data anymore than uploading Adobe software to Unixmad’s server means that he is now adobe.

To be unconscionably married to the false sense of liberty over another human-being, the man is demon possessed of some sort. From my interactions with schizophrenics they are a rare breed of individual who not only professes lies so freely, they actually believe them from the bottom of their heart to be a reflection of their own entitlements & truths. He is sadistic, and believes his own tales that permit him to enjoy the powers belonging to others, incapable of doing anything except what can only be described as upholding a cosmic stalemate against the muses, jerking off in houses paid for by the blood and tears of children.

Schizophrenic lies are pretty frequent, I agree.
I, for one, am (very) often mistaken about facts pertaining to general knowledge. No one seems to see it as a symptom of schizophrenia but I do and I put effort for this to stop. I used to be a person who would affirm solely things I was sure of…

However, the lies of schizophrenic people are usually about ideas of grandeur. Being followed by the CIA, being a cop, being a nurse in an hospital where they are interned or taking part prestigious projects. All things I’ve heard schizophrenic people say. So, Unixmad’s lies are not of a schizophrenic person, imo.

Besides, there are obvious symptoms to schizophrenia such a losing the will to do stuff in general that happens to most schizophrenic people, even under medication. Unixmad’s dedication shows that he most probably isn’t schizophrenic. If I had to assign him an illness, I’d say he might be borderline but I don’t know much about it.

Unixmad actively takes credit for things he knows he did not create; most people with the capacity to indoctrinate themselves with a hallucinagenic commitment to the false lord over other people’s property possess some form of schizophrenia. Not to mention the fact that he has done this for over 15 years and in 15 years he hasn’t accomplished anything; he opened a server, other people did the work, and then he scammed a child to take money to hire other people to do more stuff.

Really, Unixmad is the supreme case of the greatest form of laziness. I told you, he isn’t doing anything. I myself did most of the work, and a few others; he grabbed Stefan in a contract, and then used my money to hire others to do the work.

Your point that schizophrenics do not do much work only validates the hypothesis. I think where people are confused by his “accomplishment” is that they see something active. But if you pay attention, the activity was not and is not created or managed by Unixmad. He is a schizophrenic who pirated content just long enough on a server he knew how to run to take advantage of capitalism to use other people’s money to do the rest. And people keep leeching off of this fire, donating and “signing rights over” for a false taste of glory. If they knew the story behind the majesty of Graal they’d know their donations and leeching off of it will not pay off, because the original creators are not in control, but rather a lazy schizophrenic pirate living in capitalism with stolen funds and content.

nah he aint a schizo. probably just a regular ole sociopath. i cant see a schizo keep a company on its feet for this long even if that company is a pos.

Sure, you can spend your life determining that lacking a conscience is a superpower. I am not here to stomp on any of your dreams. You really don’t know schizophrenia, however; many businesses are run by schizophrenics because capitalism was designed to cleverly oppress liberty & creative power, by the mentally ill. Schizos screw and steal their way to the top, and it’s no big deal. General schizophrenia is often undiagnosed and it is not what Hollywood says it is; schizophrenia is usually closely related to borderline personality disorder.

The problem is that today people see crazy people doing crazy stuff in broad daylight, and then say, “Oh! You ole jerk. Must just be another asshole!” when, really, the person is actually fucking mentally and chemically unstable. It is actually a backwards evolution to do what Unixmad is doing. If he had used his hosting to work with the original creators, he would have made more money in the end anyhow, and the game would have actually progressed rather than just turned into a pile of shit that’s cross-platform compatible.

Unixmad is mentally deranged, and being a sociopath is synonymous with antisocial personality; even if it is histrionic, they are antisocial closeup with an active mask. Inwardly this dude is not just some predator enjoying dollar bills. He has no fucking clue what he is doing, and managing a business is literally not hard when it was handed to you.

The dude had server experience; it is not hard to keep a server up and use other people’s money and energy to manage a living online organism. Graal is not actually functional; the rules are screwed up, players lose their accounts all the time; the money mechanism is wrong; the content doesn’t evolve; he sells further hosting whoring out the existing market customer base that wasn’t built by him. Toonslab is a sham and a joke; just some stupid domain he threw up with some downloaded ticket software.

Really, all Unixmad is doing is hosting other people’s content and re-selling it; the ecommerce and website, forums, etc. are not and never were handled by him. I don’t think you understand how easy it is to run a company, especially when it’s literally just selling other people’s million dollar content that generates revenue on its own without any maintenance.