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Being schizophrenic doesn’t exactly make you lazy.
Lots of schizo people do end up being lazy, but much more than Unixmad here. It’s more like total discouragement. If you can’t conceive that, good for you. You will bounce back from a way higher place than I did.

If you ever do bounce back. Your beliefs towards sz people and how easy it is to run a company makes it sound like you never had a go at life and have never been tested by reality.
Do stuff man…

Yes, and Paris Hilton starting dozens of businesses with her cleavage and hotel inheritance is proof that capitalism works. It must mean that stealing millions of dollars worth of market & content that generates its own money simply by existing on a server and snatching code is the works of a sane and wonderful man.
And you’re living in a fantasy world if you think my addressing your arguments means that I have submitted myself to your definitions of schizophrenia and laziness. I have no further interest in continuing to descend in my expertise for you. I entertained your arguments well enough, and no I don’t acquiesce to your supposed superior psychological understanding. You are not an expert, and I merely amused your arguments, I did not answer to them as superior as you have orgasmed in your own ego to believe.

god damn calm your tits, antago. your flawless logic about capatialism cleavage is ruining my egogasms.

So if capitalism is so bad what system should we be using?

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We should be living off of love and trust; those with potential & achievements should be calling the shots, not the swindlers of inanimate, lifeless tokens which tell no story of how they were achieved. Capitalism has long been reported as the root of all evil; it is a synonym for materialism. The worship of worldly things … capital+ism
It was getting a lot of resistance, which is why America helped to propagate the mass enslavement of people. Slavery was always a product of saturnism and the worship of things; after corporations were formed in the west, they “ended” slavery with reports of new wider spread wage-slavery parading as liberty.

There’s about 15 major serious flaws with the economic system and laws that are verifiable proof of the degradation of intelligence among the drones, and the mass enslavement perpetuated for sociopathic control over good people. What many call “good business” is superficiality, idle talk and swindling with variations of prostitution.

Social engineering and cronyism are going to happen regardless of the system in place. Only a strong individualistic society is going to put those issues to rest and that will never be the majority. Dependents will always vote for slop even if they’ll be slaughtered. Regardless of the flaws, we have life better in the United States than humanity has seen in history.
You really don’t have to work hard at all if you aren’t out making garbage decisions or sabotaging yourself the entire way. Figure out what you want and what it takes to get there and just focus it down. Don’t let the state corral you like livestock with their dependency driven education and propaganda. The state draws no power from a large self sufficient population and has thus always been driven to increase dependency while destroying the value of production.
If you want something gather the knowledge and resources and just build it yourself. Knowledge, tools, and materials are extremely cheap, completely thanks to evil Capitalism, take advantage of them and do something already.
Don’t depend on others because even in the ideal scenario they will never serve your needs nearly as well as you can do for yourself, regardless of the rules of the game or the system in place.

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I agree that wage working is a form of slavery.

So, cool but do you have any plan to counter that? Are you doing something about it? What is your place in this system or what would you want your place to be?

dang without work i would be bored all the time

Many people have that problem and I’ve been having it for a long time now… being on welfae. However I am steadily evolving towards making my free time efficient. I see it now as one of the most important aspects of someone’s life. (more than his job) Because let’s face it, playing video games and watching TV isn’t very productive. Someone who puts that time to fruition can develop a lot of leverage compared to others, without even that much effort.

You make an exceptionally large slew of assumptions, most of which viewed through your own lenses. Individualism is first of all, an art–not an obsessive routine & cure to everything. I made no such claim, and you would be wise not to.

As for voting, you are also under the false assumption that you are living in an actual democracy which was always a smokescreen setup by varying European Parliaments along with their own proud, falsely & well meticulated doctored narratives of reality to appease the rebels and heathens … and who were the heathens? Pretty much everyone obnoxious, selfish and spiteful enough to sail across the ocean to divorce themselves from home. So, like–the majority

As for referring to life being better here than every in history–there are at least 50 flaws with this statement; to name a few, if it were true it is irrelevant and has little to do with anything.
To be grateful and content it is not required we be proud to a sin. The sin of patriotic and nationalist pride is brainwashed into every unsuspecting child within a defined region by the cancerous and vain governments of nearly every country. This is how a country becomes a country; they divide the individuals by pitting them one against another, claim ownership of them as corporate property, stun their rational minds with arrogance lest they question, and then convince them to look through history under the tales presented to them.

I assure you that capitalism and democracy are not the best, and they are not unique. The idea that “America invented democracy and capitalism”, and that it is now unique to us has never been true. For one, we aren’t even living in a democracy despite what they tell you, and what you tell yourself; two–democracy isn’t even natural, and it isn’t the best system; three–all democracies eventually degrade even if they are real in the first place; four–the collective opinions of the people are not the source of wisdom; five–democracies have existed for hundreds of thousands of years and are even exercised in the animal kingdom; six–there are countless supposed “democracies” all around the world.
Capitalism is just the same; to honestly believe that the corporation who calls themselves Washington DC & the United States of America were the first to declare that people may spend resources how they see fit is literally delusional, if not plain dishonest. And America is barely even capitalistic as they claim, because we are told what to buy and how to buy it so frequently through government media and the corporations they invented through slavery, and how they impress it upon us so powerfully & cleverly that we really have no choice but to conform & sacrifice ourselves.

Actually, that is precisely the problem; those who work hard barely succeed while deadbeats usurp all the resources and power and reinstitute more enterprises and laws to enslave those who actually do want to work hard.

Is that what we’re talking about? Yea, I think so. And I don’t give two effing shits about your opinion that slothfulness is the mode of a true man; what a terrible, and worthless world to afford power to those who worship mediocrity. And this is why Unixmad steals, and tortures those who actually want to work and create; because he can, and people like yourself and this Satanic excuse for a living being have no realization to the level of cruelty this presents.

And that is what democracy and capitalism do; they present power to the powerless and take, steal, and oppress those who are full of divine inspiration and soul until, often, they commit suicide because their spirit burns them to death; meanwhile, fat worthless condemned men may steal false glory and live in mansions. And these resources and rules, and narratives for our fates were carved out before we were even born although we are told that we can magically transcend and live outside it … Which we know to be false.

i dunno man. i work real hard to acheive my goal of being the laziest man in the world. maybe the result isnt always a clear window to the journey.

More hard working people have benefited from capitalism than suffered from it. What system do you propose to replace capitalism and democracy?

I kinda got on a long rant/essay/book/whatever. To summarize: what we need is freedom and privacy for the people and checks, balances and limits to a corrupt elite. I don’t care what you call it, the peons need pitchforks and torches and to go after the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, The Bilderbergs and U.N.'s and all the scum like it along with their minions. Heads need to be mounted on pikes and line the streets, Anti-freedom, Anti-Privacy Anti-Bill of Rights and Anti Constitution scums need to be publicly executed en-masse. The American Constitution and it’s system of checks and balances, justice and accountability can be the solution when it’s enforced and acted on universally and equally, alas it has not, not yet…

Is Donald Trump the solution? He has stuck it to many of the scummy people at least in parts, but he has not completely destroyed them yet, he has also cozied up to some unsavory people at times for example “Xi Xin Ping is NOT a good or honorable man, he is a scummy stupid little dictator that deserves zero respect, same deal with the Goldman Sachs people.” He is unpredictable at times which is maybe what we need. Maybe he will go the right direction and kick their asses, especially if the little mainstream media and SJW scum keep poking at him. Anyone that the shitbags like the people at CNN and stupid comedians like Colbert, Kimmel and Bill Nye dislike are people I automatically like and will support. - I know if Hillary had won we would already be unquestionably done for as a free and dignified people especially if you happened to be a straight, white, christian or male…

I think we need to focus on individual actions and facts rather than simply blanket names and labels. The manipulators, criminals and thieves in this world will label and relabel themselves as anything they need to deceive the peons and achieve their goals. Anyone can hijack or use any label to claim they are anything and distort that label to fit their needs. - You gotta look to the Bilderberg Group and it’s members, The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), The Rothschild and Rockefeller crime/banking families

An example would be the people that call everyone they dislike or disagree with a “fascist” such as the creatures of antifa, the black bloc, red bloc, red/black whatever “spoiled trendy brats who don’t want to work or learn” when in fact it is most of the leftists and antifa people themselves who are the fascists. They call on burning/deleting books, ending free speech, censoring and killing all they disagree with, they are the ones who destroy property and commit crimes and acts of terrorism wearing masks.

Communism is paraded around advertised as a “worker’s paradise” where everyone is treated equal and people who work are treated fairly, but in practice it is not so. "In practice what is called communism is a select few elitists and “the state” controlling everyone and everything while 99%+ are super poor i.e. serfdom, feudalism, slavery “the name slave originated from the slavs slavics/white being enslaved by the muslims/blacks”.

Many argue that true communism/marxism/leninism/socialism has never really been tried and that the many examples are just exceptions and not “true communism”. places like Communist China under Mao and today dictator Xi Xin Ping, North Korea, Cambodia under Pol Pot, the Soviet Union prior to 1992, Cuba, Venezuela, most of the African nations/states “many of which were conquered and dictated by France”, Mexico and most of the Central and South American Nations/States.

Yet the so called leftists, liberals and trendy wannabe communist professors and their brainwashed students ignore reality and keep espousing the same nonsense. “Just give communism one more chance, let it take over The United States of America and Europe and kill all Christians, Whites, Heterosexuals and Males and it will be good this time!” On that just look at the fruits of their labors in the parts of United States they have conquered/destroyed Chicago and most of Illinois, Detroit and most of Michigan, Baltimore and most of Maryland, Seattle, Everett, Olympia and their suburbs and most of King and Snohomish Counties and most of Washington State.

“I know the example of Washington State well and first hand as I see it and live through that hell every day, I have seen so many small businesses, factories, mills and places shut down and once decent towns and communities turn into cess pits filled with drugs like heroin and meth, garbage and crime everywhere, all the while they continue raising taxes, raising the electricity rates, slamming in more 100 sq/ft Agenda 21 stacked coffin apartments in, smart meters to spy on what you do in your own houses, cameras and microphones to watch your every move, microchips and cell phones in/on everything to track everywhere you go and everything you do, and the dumbest, most disgusting trendy morons all who love communism that you can imagine…” When liberals and leftists come in you can expect your jobs, homes and freedom to quickly go, hey 80% of the population is homeless and on drugs and this fact is conveniently censored by the mainstream media but at least everyone has a free iPhone to track and censor them everywhere they go!

  • Capitalism is paraded and advertised around as a concept “at least in the common mind of non communists, centrists and normies” as - “Anyone that works hard and applies themselves can get any job and any education they want and make it in life, they can get a house, a car, start their own business, anything they want!” - In reality like communism there are many different flavors/varieties of so called “capitalism” and economics. The type most widely in practice in the world unfortunately when it’s not Communism is Crony Capitalism the two are ironically closely related in actuality/practice.

In the United States and Europe you have so many taxes, fines, fees and regulations you can barely afford to breathe air or wake up in the morning, life is a perpetual open prison, is it Capitalism, Communism, Cronyism, Statism? Pick whatever label you want it doesn’t matter.

The problem is the corrupt scum at the top doing it to us. The scum of the world like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, George Soros, The Koch brothers, “If those scum weren’t made popular out of thin air for no reason they couldn’t even succeed at a mcdonalds, walmart greeter or janitor job, they have no real talent or ability.” “basically anyone that has over a billion dollars in private personal wealth and earned it by stealing from others and they themselves never made anything real of value. - I can forgive some with 1 billion plus if they actually did things to earn it, built houses, buildings, and jobs, spread the wealth around, were fair and actually did real work themselves but alas those people are few and far between if any”. Most of the scum uses the State to coerce the poor at gunpoint into giving them their money, they are also exempt from paying ANY taxes or paying for ObamaCare, they mainly parade around the Leftist/Liberal/Democrat label but they switch back and forth as needed to fool the sheeples. there are still many Neocons and RINO scum like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Rudy Giulliani, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Peter King, Chris Christie, The Bush family is still alive ect… ect… I remember the George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush presidencies and all the other corrupt politicians and their monopolist business/tech supporters of those times just as well as I remember the Barry Soetoro/Barrack Obama presidency. “I still strongly suspect Obama was just George W. Bush putting on blackface for another 8 year term and punking the United States and the world., I mean their monkey like faces are both nearly identical except for the skin tone”

But alas even these “popular” billionaires are not the top, it’s the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, The Bilderbergs and CFRs, Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove, it’s the Federal Reserve, The European Central Bank, The International Monetary fund, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Bank of America and the very few who benefited from the “Banker Bailout” of 2008. Every government program and spending is thinly veiled bribes to friends from corrupt politician to corrupt company some examples are

“Cash for Clunkers” : lots of dumb people destroyed good quality vehicles in exchange for $5 arbies gift certificates or credit towards a garbage quality “modern” vehicle loaded with spyware, DRM, taxes and more costs than ever while corrupt Chinese metal recyclers, corrupt auto dealers and other corrupt people laughed all the way to the bank.

The Banker Bailouts of 2008 onward: A 700+ billion dollar window stolen from the people and given directly to big banks for no real reason at all. 40 to 80 billion dollars a month from the federal reserve. The essential end to all wall street and banking regulations, open in your face corruption and theft. Small banks and small businesses were closed an consolidated and given to big bank monopolies like Goldman Sachs and was ironically handled and managed by Henry Paulson, Timothy Geithner Niel “Cashcarry” “yes Cash Carry was his actual name the insult is in your face and blatant, you cant make this shit up…” and a slurry of other banker scum mostly from Goldman Sachs… Virtually every Democrat and Republican voted for this with only a few exceptions, I think Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and a very few others opposed it. The hatred and disdain they have for the “little people” is obvious and out in the open. The stolen money from this program is now in the quadrillions… Nobody responsible for the theft and fraud has to this day gone to jail…

The “Digital Transition” of 2009 over 1 billion dollars went to Chinese companies and billionaires that made “Digital receivers” tens of millions of people that used to watch television for free via simple analog antennas were no longer able to get any channels unless they lived within 5 miles and clear line of sight of places like New York City or Seattle, corrupt monopoly companies like Comcast, Time Warner, Dish/DirecTV were given billions in taxpayer monies and this was an attempt to force millions more to be “customers” of the monopoly cable or satellite companies.

The “Connect America Fund” - This is slated/advertised as a program to provide “broadband access” to so called “rural communities” It is really another theft from the American taxpayer most of whom are super poor and can barely afford to pay their taxes/theft by coercion. The money is then funneled into so called “Broadband Companies” all of which are no bid and all of which come into an area and monopolize it thanks to these funds. Corrupt companies like Frontier Communications, Verizon, AT&T and a few others, in every case there is only ONE choice in the area such as ridiculous 1.5 to 7mbit DSL and of course everyone has to pay the full price monthly fee for this “service” despite the fact it’s paid for many times over via “taxpayer subsidies”. The quality of service is often dreadful to nonexistant and only serves a small portion of the people in the area monopolized and is oversold and so much more crap… - It’s a theft and fraud on every level.

The Affordable HealthCare Act/ObamaCare 2010 - Contrary to popular belief and what all the liberals/leftist tell you most people and poor people prior to ObamaCare had healthcare in the form of Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Clinics, volunteer care or could walk into an E.R. demand medical care and never pay the bill ad-nauseum…

The website alone costs anywhere from $2 to $5 billion dollars, "This figure is hard to nail down as transparency and honesty is not a strong suit of the Obama administration or big government cronyism. and pretty much everyone admits the starting cost alone was/is over $500 million, there is no reason not to believe the figure for the ObamaCare website at this time is not less than 5 billion +. All of which is unaccounted for and went to bribes to a front company called CGI Federal in Canada, most if not all of the work for the ObamaCare website along with the databases and private medical info of every United States citizen was outsourced to India and other 3rd world places. As far as I can tell not one real independent American I.T. worker got a job or a cent from this fraud… Also it’s well documented that the website was/is vulnerable to pretty much every known vulnerability including SQL injection and the personal/private/medical information of virtually every United States/American citizen is floating around the so called “Deep Web”/Black Market and is available for purchase… The ObamaCare website is probably one of the top 3 shit shows in internet/tech history only next to the Smart Grid/Smart Meter/Internet of Things and the Vault7, NSA/CIA backdoors and the latest ransomware worm derived from it.

The actual costs in wasted taxpayer dollars, lost jobs and economic damage that ObamaCare has done is immense, immeasurable and is being covered it by the mainstream media but there is no doubt it is in the Trillions maybe tens of trillions of dollars. ObamaCare itself is essentially forcing everyone into buying a product they do not want, do not need and cannot afford. These expenses are $200 on the lower end for the poorest of people and usually $600 to $2000 monthly for the few middle class normies that actually still have a job and these monthly fees are doubling and tripling every year, small businesses and mid sized companies can’t afford it and individuals can’t afford it, it is a mafia style shake-down where they take all the money and give them nothing in return. Big corporations and monopolies like Wal Mart and Amazon and all of Congress are of course “exempt” - Once you buy the “new” “healthcare” “insurance” you are essentially paying for nothing. This insurance in most cases will never pay for ANYTHING unless and until you rack up a ridiculous expense of $20,000 US “deductible” and even then you are on the hook for a “co-pay”. If you can’t afford to or do not buy this great new “insurance” you are fined on your taxes anywhere from $500 to $2000 dollars in additional expense. The so called Supreme Court and Justice Roberts arbitrarily redefined it as “a tax” even though they cannot Constitutionally or Legally rewrite existing laws to fit their ideology especially after declaring them otherwise Un-Constitutional. Also Obama has illegally stolen 300+ billion from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to keep the insolvent program of theft afloat. ObamaCare is no more legitimate of law than The Federal Reserve Act and Federal Income Tax of 1913 - but alas until both are wholly and unconditionally repealed and reversed and all the monies already stolen is returned the United States is little more than a 3rd world paramilitary dictatorship junta.

The “Smart Grid” program. - Hey kids, do you want to spend hundreds of billions of dollars while doubling and tripling the cost of electricity to poor people? Then the “Smart Grid” program is just for you! Call now and we’ll attach total surveillance devices called “Smart Meters” and “Smart Appliances” to your house. They’ll sell your information to all governments and advertisers so they know exactly what appliance you use, when you take a shower, when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you flick a light switch, when you eat or cook a meal, what’s in your refrigerator and absolutely everything else with total location tracking, cameras, microphones and total information awareness coming soon and in many cases already there. Who gets the money? Corrupt politicians, people and shell companies like Energy1, Solyndra, Commission Olsen and the Snohomish County PUD, The Smart Meter and Smart appliance manufacturers using SLAVE LABOR in CHINA. - Who needs the 4th amendment or Constitution?! It has “SMART” in the name! and if the peons dare figure out what it is they’ll just relabel it as “Advanced” or "New Technology. After all they are all “DUMB F’ers - Mark Zuckerberg” and “Thank God they are so dumb - Jonathan Gruber”.

Pay no mind to the F-22 Fighter jet program either

or the trillions “LOST” in the Pentagon or other “Programs”

or the 500 billion recently discovered “lost” in HUD by Ben Carson

Whats a few trillion or quadrillion amonst the criminal banskter kleptocratic world government new world order, UN, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 friends…