Recent listserver downtime

Very sorry about that. A recent update to the listserver exposed a flaw in the programming that caused the listserver to disconnect servers right as they connected. It has been fixed and the listserver is back online.

Huzzah! Thank you VERY much Nalin! o/ \o <== that’s a highfive

What happened to the silver tab though?

none of the silver servers are online probably therefore the client eliminates the silver tab as there is no need for it I assume

Thanks alot Nalin ^^

still doesnt work foah me o.O

So just a hello hello, and “Laughing Out Loud HERE” the server lists aren’t coming up now :slight_smile:

It says connection failed
connection couldn’t be established!

You guys are retarded, this thread is about the last time they went down. Also, this time it is only the login server.


Why has this been happening lately?

Well, that one time was because of a bug in the listserver. Recently, I dunno. Maybe the server is being restarted and people keep forgetting to turn on the listserver? Marlon mentioned something about a MySQL issue. I guess I can check that out tomorrow and see if I can program in a workaround.

If I upgrade the MySQL server, it restarts, which makes the listserver lose connection to it. And when the mysql-connection is lost, the listserver shuts down.

make the start/stop script for listserver depend on mysql.

its down right now

I concur.

I hate it when this happens :frowning: Then I just ask myself whats better, Most times on graal reborn or no times on graal reborn.

its down again -.-

no shit sherlock!


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