Reforming Graal Reborn

I’m obviously still a newby when it comes to Graal Reborn software, this may be to big of a step forward and has
been mentioned several times but here me out:

1. The Graal Reborn community has members capable of creating software the could match that of GraalOnline’s.
To my knowledge the Graal Reborn GServer was programmed by Joey and Nalin. I see it might get difficult, and there are obviously
things that I am overlooking, so correct me if I am wrong here. Though as I scroll through threads, I see numerous attempts at different
things: Android Clients, iPhone Clients, “random shit” done with C++…

2. Graphic-wise, I think we can manage. If not, we’ve always got GraalOnline to recruit some volunteers.
This may sound stupid but never forget that we were all once part Graal Online and I’m sure that there are still a few
Graphic Designers lurking around.

3. The Graal Reborn community has active members that would be available to test and find bugs in the newly
created software (if we ever decide to work on it). I also believe that we are fairly good at it.

4. The Graal Reborn community has web designers, “good” web designers provide decent
advertisement = more players and strong community = higher player count. (ts’ only logical).

In Conclusion: If we all worked together as one team, rather than a couple individuals working on things left and right,
we could get this done. Then again, I am in no position to judge if this is actually possible, but given the number of times
this has been mentioned + projects leading up to it, I suppose that I had to start this thread to see if we all agree.


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Ever noticed how 99% percent of the projects on here go nowhere? The only way this game would be good if it wasn’t the same game anymore. We’d need a whole new client and graphics, which is no simple feat. The only people that are capable of doing this have better things to do and have moved onto real projects. Don’t give us any false hope, we all know this game is fun, but realize this game is dead and doing anything on here is pretty much beating a dead horse.

Been a while since on of these threads was made. yawn

Cadavre and I haven’t moved onto anything else.

I commend both of you for your work, but I feel the small amount of people it will benefit isn’t worth it. It’s your project though and its up to you what you want to do with it.

Initially, yes, there aren’t many people around. I’m hoping with more capability, quality, and advertisement, that’ll change. Cadavre seems content on pretty much directly copying Graal, though.

Many wanted to save Reborn at a point or another. I’m glad this kind of “let’s get our efforts together” suggestion doesn’t get flamed anymore. But GR isn’t a sinking ship, GR isn’t trying to get through the Pacific Ocean by training rabid monkeys to write english novels and navigate a boat either… GR as I see it is just an offering to a nice cruise. We can learn good basics about game development here, the community is open for everyone to do their own advertising for their PWs. Nice opportunity to program nice stuff. It’s already good, it’s not broken. It’s just floating and following the currents.

It’s good that you’re having hopes for this place to be more popular but don’t burn yourself. It’s dangerous to plan for lofty goals and realize you’re peddling alone. This place is also a good reality check on how things really work in real life: stuff start small and get bigger if it works. Stuff that start big and all at once do not work in real life… and when it does, it’s because people, who originally started something else that was small and got big, decided they’d release something “big” (read: inflated) by using all the resources they accumulated in the long run. Just look at how the original GO started.

So, huh, yeah. You’re pretty much proposing too much of a big step forward.

When I’m in a better mood I’ll come back and flame this thread.

Do not misinterpret my words: I never said Graal Reborn needs to be saved, nor did I say it was full of problems and needs to be fixed.
I simply suggested that we work on a project (as a community) and make our own game, rather than cracking software as individuals.
I never said this was a simple task either.

I know that there are people available, I know that we can get more, so instead of fucking waiting for nothing to happen, I propose that
we at least try something…

When I look at GR, I see talented individuals. (yes, I’m crazy…).
We’ve got something to base our game off of, we have a team and resources, but instead of combining talents, we choose to play with software that is outdated.
yes, we are “beating up a dead horse”.

lol what would you even be able to do? fucking scrub get out of here

He wasn’t talking about you

What I can do alone is not the problem, at least read the posts before whining.
And if you think I can’t do shit that’s your problem, I’m not shooting for “team captain” anytime soon.

Um, yeah… I have brushed larger than what your post was about. I was shooting at GR saver wannabes as a whole. Don’t get mad, but that’s what you’re suggesting: that we team up to do something that will bring GR to another level. Why would we want that? So it gets more popular. Popularity is the central problem to GR, making it popular would be saving GR. So, to resume, you want to save GR; regardless of the words you’re using. Not a bad thing; but it’s lofty, considering how the community actually behaves. It’s noble to wish for the community to behave more constructively/productively, but what you’re trying has come up multiple times. It doesn’t seem like the best way to get things moving and I can only suggest you try to figure out something else.

That said, I don’t want to bury the initiative either, so:
Great! What about we pile up good dungeons from our archives and work a skeletal overworld around it and ask for player made levels?
I can cheap LAT, I can cheap GAT… I can ok NAT. I suggest ME for skeletal overworld maker.

OK go do it.

Talking is all well and good, but it is progress that will spur others to join you. I suggest you begin the work you’re talking about and then try and recruit others to fulfill all of your dreams for you.

It will initially be a copy of Graal, supporting all its formats, but it will eventually go past these things. (If it even gets that far)

I guess that seems legit, but I’m not the best programmer around…If I was, I wouldn’t have started this thread.
What you are suggesting though, applies to the individual members of the community that have already begun.

hint hint:

Graal Reborn already has everything needed to be successful. It has great servers like Phoenix, Xialza and a couple good ports of Graal Classic. The problem is getting the word out, getting new people interested and getting all the old timers not to be busy with other stuff all the time. Even the “official” PC Graal only has about 30 to 40 people on their most highly populated main servers these days, so the problem with low interest isn’t just related to Graal Reborn. The fact is it’s not 1998 anymore and with the exception of the Nintendo DS, gameboy, old consoles and emulators the interest in old style 2D RPG games isn’t what it used to be. That and there are now hundreds of MMORPGs including big title games that are now free to play. The only things I could suggest doing differently are a redesigned real main page with interesting things like screenshots, guilds, standalone stats and signup forms instead of having the page solely be the vbulletin forum system. and a unique client from scratch with full GS2 and other functionality.

I couldn’t agree more.

This is what concerns me. It feels as though there’s so little interest in anything 2D anymore that it’s pointless to bother. Couple that with a PC-based interface, rather than mobile, and the problem is worse. (I’m CERTAINLY not saying that mobile is better in any way whatsoever. Just that the reality is that that’s all most people want to use anymore.) PCs were always too complicated (…somehow…) for the majority of people, and that’s only going to get worse now that they never use them.

Then again, maybe I’m completely wrong and people who actually have interest in games are still frequently using their computers, so that nothing has changed in that regard.

I don’t know if you’ve missed this, but there is actually a main page that is NOT the forums. The main page is currently showcasing the most popular servers(determined by current playercount and if they actually have a screenshot) by their screenshots.

If there’s anything more to put there feel free to come with suggestions, because I don’t know.