Relic Outside Level

Tileset is still incomplete but here’s the latest from Relic. [ATTACH=CONFIG]3879[/ATTACH]

Still wished those trees were improved tbh, the problem is they look so flat and more noisy than the rest of the graphics.
I also dislike the fences, just because of the overall style and impractically of such a design(at least in my mind). Great house tiles though!

I wish people would stop using weird Zelda-style trees.

I assume they’re like that because of the nature of tiles? It’d look nicer with a thinner trunk (and rounder top?).

Nice house tiles!

You got it! that tree was originally part of the tileset. When your drawing a tree in 16x16 tiles without layers things get shitty real quick here’s the new tree I’m using separate images instead of tiles.


It’s an improve but I don’t the style of tree you’re going for here fits. I’d envisage a more realistic style fitting better. For example:

shading there is wayyyyy too strong on those trees m8

Was referring more to the overall style, venturing away from your traditional zelda trees.
Of course… I don’t know where this project is heading or how it’ll handle so… throws hands up iunno.

ugh looking at it again pisses me off cause it’s not that the art style sucks, it’s that they both clash with each other and exist in the same tileset

who is the artist!?

anyway yeah I get what you mean

That pic has an awesome color palette :open_mouth:

I could try drawing more of a pine / evergreen tree. I stuck to the Zelda style because it makes sense with the overhead perspective and because I’m from Texas and you don’t see those types of trees down here. I saw a pretty good looking tree in an rpgmaker tileset.

[ATTACH=CONFIG]3886[/ATTACH] Not made by me…

the other tree you made was ok… it also could(and should, because lag) be modified to fit the tileset (Taking less tiles than the graal tree) but it seems a bit off perspective right now.

or a bit bland in shape? Dunno… something feels not quite right… maybe just fitting it in the tileset would be enough.

Yes, that could work nice, the perspective you should aim for should allow for trees to still be grouped on a tile basis, rather than having to resort to spamming npcs shivers but this sort of style gives off a nice realistic touch getting back to my point for sure. Do it do it do it!


keep in mind this is 2ndwolf, the guy with the lowest reputation on the forums

People can’t magically know how everything works instantly. I just wanted to clarify if he really thinks that can cause extra processing work on an engine.

he is technically right though. The time it takes to load a level and process it (which our version of Graal struggles with) would be large.

also lol the trees from RPGXP’s tileset look nice but you should really learn to do it yourself. If you want help learning to color coordinate (which is why it looks so nice) I can help

yeah, but seriously, how?

how does someone think this?


He specifically mentioned tiles, as in the tree is part of the tileset. There’s a fixed number of tiles on a level. You can’t decrease that number. It makes no difference how much of the level the tree visibly occupies. The load time will remain constant in regard to the loading of tiles.

Oh wow guys O_O
I had levels using lots of treetop images on armonston and got complaints from tricxta these levels lagged. They lagged for me too, after paying attention.
Effectively, removing the npcs removed the lag. Can’t find back the conversation, I guess it was spoken live.

I did wonder too, at first, why that caused lag. Maybe this engine’s camera recalculates every npc’s on-screen location when you move, and that it is somehow computer intensive? (I’m curious whether there is a better programming technique for that?)

But whatever, I’ve been limiting my npc usage for levels and considered since then that fewer npcs was best practice.

And anyway, why would we be so bugged by the lack of layers in the editor if we could go crazy with npcs?

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Ok I realize I must have badly phrased.
I don’t think modifying the tileset would cause lag… I think the opposite.
Hence why I show support for modifying the tileset in my post… O_O