RoS - Level Submissions

Hey everyone, RoS is one of the dullest worlds out there right now.
So pitch in and lend a hand to help me get it completed.

Also, I would like to see how people use the current limited outside tiles be it a town,
field, or island. So go ahead and make a level and submit here for me to look at.

While submitting, please describe how hard or easy the tile is to use and how creative you
felt with it. Thanks~

Here’s the script and you can get the image by logging into RoS.

if (created) { addtiledef riley_tiles.gif,,1; }

Here’s a mouseover nick system, have fun

if(created || playerenters){
  if( !hasweapon( nicksys ) ){
    toweapons nicksys;
  enablefeatures allfeatures-0x200;
  if( !( mousex in |players[this.selected].x,players[this.selected].x+3| && mousey in |players[this.selected].y,players[this.selected].y+3| ) ){
    hideimg 500;
    if(mousex in |players[this.i].x,players[this.i].x+3| && mousey in |players[this.i].y,players[this.i].y+3|){

      showimg 500,@[email protected]@#n(this.i),mousescreenx+15, mousescreeny;
      changeimgvis 500,4;

Greatly appreciated mate. :smiley:

That’s a pretty badly formatted not to mention logically redundant script o.o

Yet it works and makes me happy. Leave it at that. :stuck_out_tongue:
PS: Still taking level submissions. So far only 2 people tried. I want to get everyone’s feedback on if it’s simple or hard to use.

if(created || playerenters)
    toweapons -nicksys;
  enablefeatures allfeatures-0x200;
    if(mousex in |players[this.i].x,players[this.i].x+3| && mousey in |players[this.i].y,players[this.i].y+3|)
      showimg 500,@[email protected]@#n(this.i),mousescreenx+15, mousescreeny;
      changeimgvis 500,4;;
  if( == 0){ hideimg 500; }else{; }

Fixed code.

I did this level…not much to work with actually, but I enjoy making levels with your style of tileset.

(attached is a wholelevel snapshot of what I made using your tileset)

basicly i made 4 different houses on an island shaped like a 4.

it is easy to use, though with my laptop monitor I had hard time seeing the little tiles (graal not ment for 1600x900 17" high def displays)

that little dot above the bottom house is a warp-in point I made for linking between my osl.

Interesting what you did with the two-story house. I would have never thought of that.

Thanks for fixing up that code, i kinda just threw it together…


I like your water detail, pretty neat’o. :smiley:

Flaking wallpaper, wall beams for attic. Dun forget, dawg.

Here’s some insides.

Lookin’ good, capture some screenies and post it in the screenie thread. :smiley:
If anyone else has some levels, please submit and then give me feedback on your
experience with them.

That tileset is hot stuff.

uhh here is my attempt at lating with the tileset… be prepared for failure o.0

Not bad Tric. You didn’t use the fence tiles all correctly, but the level setup is nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

bout as good as i can do with the current tiles .

Nice and unique. I’m not a fan of that back wall but you worked with what is currently available. :stuck_out_tongue: Nice job, I’ll add the tile that you suggested as well as some book extension tiles for the shelf.

Hey everyone, I’m quite satisfied with how the tileset is so far. I got a basic tree
image complete (even if it sucks), so now work on an overworld can begin.

I would like anyone who wishes to, submit a level here. :stuck_out_tongue: Free labor via the forums
is such a good idea no? The tiles should be very easy to use now that I moved some things around.

Of course I’ll be making a lot of levels myself, but if you would like to submit something
be it an inside or outside level. Feel free to and I will fit it onto the server. :smiley: While
building, I will also finish up the Adult Body which I’ve only got partially complete now as
well as add a few more outside tiles like bushes, cliffs, and more houses.