Sameira V2

Ok, I’m serious this time, I unglued myself from Zodiac and started working on Sameira. My old ones were too rushed. So yea, I’ve done the outside osl and finished the HUD (i used yenairo’s original as a template :slight_smile: so thanks to you yenairo! :smiley: now i just gotta wait till i can start up the server again

it was out of my league to script :confused: ill use it if someone can help or script it for me :frowning:

Still got that SAME-ira style.

Bahahaha u so funny. No this is temp till I make mah goldy the goldfish- what shit am I sprouting. I was thinking about something Ben said but I mean till I make my tileset

You’re welcome.

I guess.

I notice you didnt bother re-naming the hud images, re name those images so they dont overwrite shit!!! then just search for the showimgs in your hud code and replace the images.

He’s right, I didn’t bother to check the image name.
Rename it to sam_hud.png

Hey, I’d script it for you…the HUD…probably would take me a while, though…

This HUD is scripted. I need riley’s HUD scripted cuz I’m awful at gfxing apparently

I like the shape of your art, add shading to your work and your all good.

That’s the one I’m talking about x.x Riley’s x.x it would take Tricxta all of 20 min, but I need some experience too xD I’ll make it…

NO!!! you shut up! >:|

I was working on my tileset for like an hour. Then I figured I SUCKED… so I’m just gonna use zodiac’s tileset. I like the way it looks. Like in the olden days. :confused:

All you changed was the tree stump and a dirt hole? x_x

And the fence, also, that’s a shrub, by the looks of it. :expressionless:

so im not using that anymore, thats all i had, :stuck_out_tongue: i realized i need a gfx, i can lat and piece together scripts and script some of my own quests/weapons. but i cant gfx well mostly because i cant make both sides even
so heres the tileset i found and is now using
ps can someone teach me how to chop up the tileset?

._. now wheres the fun in that silly?

Where’s the fun in stealing it? O____O

Stealing it.

Once again, I’m a pretty bad gfx, but here’s my bench, is there a script where the player touchs it and it set’s their char ani to sit? cuz just placing chairs under it and having the script

dontblock; drawunderplayer;

doesnt work well since u can see some of the chair beneath it