School FTW

So who puts reborn on a hard drive then brings it to school to work on?
I do!

Yet another pointless thread…


As a young person, I had serious MMO addiction issues, I lost the majority of high school. Don’t make that mistake.

I don’t waste school time… It was after I ate lunch, I had free time xD

I did that at work.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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Fuck you. This is Misc.

im not gonna be like one of the idiots that plays minecraft in the library, sorry

You would NOT believe how many people play minecraft in the media center…

Oh damn. Tell him.

I haven’t done that at all, but I have done other things at school computers that I shouldn’t have. It’s fun to mess around with the school’s computer administrators. They’re so easy to mess with.

Is it bad my school blocks the Wikipedia link for “Naked Mole Rat”? Shows how much maturity a majority of high-schoolers have…

Next time Google the wiki for ‘Trouser Snake’ at school.

You think we don’t know what that is, sicko

It was an innocent joke, no need to bite.

I’m not biting xD

can’t even go on minecraft wiki at my school ffs. I’ve managed to get on AIM via iPod app, it’s really weird.

They block “” for the reason “.in ending” >.< so… I use “” xD

r u a cumpotar haxor?

Darn, I been scoped!

But in all seriousness, no. XD

Tore, your school is blocking key words. -__-

You don’t say?