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i got on exotic yesterday

here is a update for people who dont know: I am making a special Easter event, which is Auto hosted (No ET Required), and so you all can play 24/7 until i archive it.

It was mostly my idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

___Merged doublepost__________________

Exotic now has a steel sword that i made, go check it out!


I dont even remember what i said to be honest

Exotic will be closed for a LONG time due to updates that we are doing with Darkblade, Dread, and RileyFiery… Also all stolen scripts/levels from noddess have been removed.
Oh… one more thing, when Exotic does come back, everyones account will be reset.

Thank you!

um cross, i think we shouldnt reset everyones account, so no one loses any account items (it can be frustrating)

We have to…
…Anyway, its my server, not yours

I’d say do I get to keep my Rupees?! But I kinda don’t care. xD The Picture in the Tileset is thanks enough.

Haha, glad you like it… Riley did a wonderful job on it too!

Meh, Waiting for Riley to start Exotic… Five hours later. X_X


Fuck Exotic. He should be hosting RoS.

i r ip banned

Oh hell, script drama with the 12 year olds again. face palm

They look naise.
Just wish that those came with the tileset. >:O

Those look pretty nice. Good work.

i got banned again?

Damn, those are really good man…