Server Transition

Hey guys, I just wanted to inform you that we’re currently in the process of transferring the forums, the listserver and all gservers hosted by us to a new server. While we’ll do our best to keep downtime to a minimum, I wanted to give warning and explanation to any downtime you might experience in the near future. If things goes smoothly, everything should be back to normal soon.


Thanks for your patience!

No one cares

:munch: finally forum maintenance that I don’t have to work on myself.

Wait… what?

Errytings borked.

Who cares?

Did I ever mention I hate vBulletin?
Between work and life the server transition has been slow going, but we’re working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience guys :(.

Summary of me vs vBulletin:

I’ll try to do something this weekend. I flaked out last weekend.

Same basically, hence the slow progress on my end.

It’s fairly typical that the time I come back to check on how you guys are doing is when you’re having a major server move.

Everything has gone smoothly asides from the damn vBulletin forums haha

Cadavre did some wacky shit

Hack it Hosler!

I dunno how to hack


I don’t see the banner anymore :I


Thanks for taking care of GR :slight_smile:

This could go horribly wrong

I fucking love Riley, and fuck yes let’s have a banner competition.