Hi guys!

I haven’t seen any simple example of how to use serverflags around here, could anybody help me out?

I’ve tried to make some npcs withs tons of hearts so that all the players have to drop it down together over time, however server.testheart=0; doesn’t create a serverflag…

Sorry for all the dumb questions

We can read the server flags and display their values, but creating or editing their values from a NPC has not worked.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]In the “Doh!” department comes the solution. Though it really is more complex than I imagined it would be - we can still certainly manage it.

setstring var, val;

Working Example:

Flags are flags. Not variables

Server flags in the pre-NPC server world are a wonderful thing for players with negative intentions.

Reminds me of how on kandora, all doors were able to locked by server strings, so some ass decided to do the rounds weekly and lock up everything.

Saputo was dumb as shit, though.

He did a whole lot more than you though… The original question has been answered sufficiently. /thread