Setting up RC on new server

So I just made my new server on Reborn.
Everything works fine but now I want to make scripts.
In RC I see everything except for NPCs, Weapons and Classes.
How can I add them?
Heres a picture of my rc :

This means there’s no npc server connected to the server. Instead, if you want to include npcs or weapons, write clientside gs1 scripts in some level and have players visit said level. Additionally you could use what are known as ‘gr triggerhacks’ which emulate various aspects of npc server behaviour, some of which are very powerful. More can be read about that in the server’s readme file(or something similar).

No gs2?
I watched some gs tutorial and the person said that gs1 is almost a different language in regards to gs2.

Gs1 is like Frankenstein’s monster

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But ill also say that if you are able to understand the eccentricities of gs1 then you are well on your way to becomming uber nerd in programming.

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I’ll try lol, I dont understand the frankenstein’s monster part though :?

A monstrosity that’s not even fully implemented. While GS1 isn’t as nice as GS2, it’s still manageable and a fun challenge as you have to implement most things from the ground up. I.e. guis, particles, etc… Still, impressive systems can be built, see some of beholder’s work for examples(i.e. log on to bomber arena) so don’t feel like things are impossible, it’s just you’ve been spoilt by GS2.

One more q, can I learn gs1 by using the offline level editor and it alone?
Without putting it on a server?
Also how do people make guis, I can only make guis using autoit but I dont know how with gs

Yeah, since GS1 is 100% client-side, you can fully test it offline.
Check some of the code provided on the NPC showcase. I think there are a couple of GUIs.

there are some custom commands with the gserver though like triggeractions
it shouldn’t be a problem for beginners though

What is a gui though? Is it like an npc? How do I implement a gui

a gui is made using showimg commands, there should be some gui examples in the npc section

a GUI is a Graphical User Interface.
A visual mean for a user to interact with his computer. In contrast to command line which requires users to type.

On Graal, it is often used to override the default features and/or add new ones.

Graal needs less guis

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Graal needs less Graal

I disagree. I think some people go too far and come up with some really intrusive interfaces(I know I did) but I definitely see merit in GUIs that maintain a certain element of discretion. Beats the heck out of strict text commands. Alternatively some smart chat filtering might be another way i.e. chat commands with a less formal grammar to make the conversation seem more natural.

Problem is player world devs will concentrate on making staff tools and guis and then just leave the project.
They’re fun to make and use as a developer but it doesn’t transfer as much fun to users as dungeons, npcws or minigames.

I’d advise future developers to focus on making minigames, it’s a good compromise. You get to work on a GUI /and/ playable content. Also because you have better control over what you do than with quests that happen over multiple levels. If you’re a scripting beginner try making quests first though, gscript has been designed to ease that although it’s not very good with more complex tasks.

If having players isn’t an objective do whatever you want. Don’t expect players either, we have a very small user base, unless you achieve hooking those who just connect out of curiosity and generally stay like 5 minutes. You also might have tricxta staying somewhat longer.

So to make quests, all you need is a level editor and script knowledge?

yup pretty much

And an idea for a quest :smiley: