Send a game invite the next time your gonna be playing L4D2.

Heh, didn’t even see this! I was playing L4D, and I was just playing with my nephew.

sick mind

The latter. Goes without saying.

thought so

I was logging out about the time I realize you were on at the time.

Also, I think you already told me this before but do you play on either Advanced/Expert on the campaign mode? I had to officially quit playing on Normal because it became to easy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nowadays when I play it’s mostly versus. When I do play I tend to play on normal though, I never played enough to where I was skilled enough to play on the higher difficulties. I also friendly-fire a lot(ask Beholder).

i like just running through the bridge level. that achievement is fun.

Hate the bridge.

it gets so intense

It’s luck based. So…not really, either you get left behind or a jockey gets you.

On campaign it can be a pain in the ass. You probably won’t get it right on the first go(or if you haven’t played in a while) because the path across is a maze and has you navigating by climbing over very subtle trucks and such. Someone almost always has to get left behind because of unfortunate circumstances.

In versus… just, bleh I hate it on versus. It pretty much forces the survivors to rush and it makes it very hard for the infected to catch up/plan anything. Everything just goes way too fast.

Definitely the finale I hate the most.

Yeah. It’s a pain in the ass in versus, a joke.

I like The Sacrifice, right when someone was restarting the generator I jumped up on them as the Hunter, the rest of them pretty much died from a jockey, smoker and had a horde of infected on them.


I don’t like Left 4 Dead anymore. I hate having to leave behind the dumbass who goes after the tank. Ya do watch ya gotta do though.

ever have to take 2 takes on at once on advanced?

I forget, wasn’t there one mission that sent 2 or 3 on your ass near the end?

That would be the sacrifice.

Usually means you fucked up somewhere.

no. it means my team fucked up and i’m the only one left.

Lol. :3

It isn’t suppose to happen though, if it does just redo it. I’ve had to do that a couple of times.