Shitpost goes here.

Yell at me. Post shit.
Say stuff.
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Here’s a start:
Nintendo Labo.


Cardboard…? Is this serious?

Hah, yes… and I think it’s genius that they can do this and people will probably buy it.

I feel like they should work on games rather then shitty gimmicks like this.

It feels a little like: How do we re purpose our extra switch boxes?

Never believe in the believers of NINTENDO BULLSHIT.
Off topic:
I play poker, who likes poker?

I still like this song.


Depends who I’m playing poker with, but if they keep making big calls on shitty cards, I like to play then.

Playing against fish is fun.

Nice shitposting

:’(:’(:’(YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MY HEART!:’(:’(:’(

Does anyone though?

nice thread

Huh, my mom?

Totally forgot about my D&D book I’ve put aside at work.


Ur face is a nice thread.

wow dude

The flattery is real.

Notice I edited to add that it is indeed a nice thread.


I’m bored. Post some shit, mollosk.