Small House

This is a small house I made. I have a few lights in it but they don’t show up in my screenshots. Please rate it and tell me what you think.

Nice! looks easy i mean thats it not full off stupid trash :smiley:

Rooms are too big for their content, might try altering the flooring around doors as opposed to having 11 of the same plant as your sole decoration. I know there aren’t many good examples, but houses should have something to do. I personally prefer the indoor tiles for walls, especially if you aren’t going to use a brick fix set to deal with the built in tile errors.

Nailed it.

Walls seem a bit on the short side too, but then again I’ve gotten spoiled with the room system on Bomber. o_o
But atleast making it another tile higher would get your windows off of the floor.

I added some more basic details. Took away some potted plants, and added a few NPCs.

You can center character npcs by throwing “x=(whatever).5;” in somewhere before the end of the created bracket.

your “detailing” seems sorta like you just tossed down some tiles randomly. Try to make it more… fluid?

Also, I agree that the level looks rather short. The couch goes from floor to ceiling, which looks pretty wonky. Consider adding another tile or two in height to the walls.

Why is there a window inside, looking into another room?

Cause it’s supposed to be two floors I’m assuming considering what the clerk is saying.

If it was two floors. It looks way out of perspective. Even for graal. Other than that, what vw said.

Thanks for the criticism. I have improved the level a bit…

Its not critiscism. Its observations. To help you get better.

Lose the random tiles in the entryway and bedroom. Consider a rug in the middle of the entryway room insyead

Why would someone with the leveling experience of an unborn child be giving tips for making levels?

Here’s another level I made. It’s a beautiful island that’s got an oceanfront view of timbuktoo and nowhere…

That perspective is fucking weird, you get a building that has 2 tiles tall of a wall and you go like 5 tiles west and you get one with four tiles high.

I agree, but I don’t know WTH to do… lulz

You could use some actual dirt tiles on that coastline, looks too splotchy and repeditive with all of the blobs of water. And yeah, the perspective is mind bleeding.

That beach is fucking pointy.