Spooon refuses to accept the past!

We heard you the first time, mister “I want my fucking posts back”. We need you to stop bitching incessantly! You were annoying enough when your posts didn’t make any sense so much other than to troll people with!
Neither do mine but you’re shitlessly way more prone to it, so nobody gives a shit… about your posts!
Your post count is your obsessive disorder as well. So for our posts, please… we miss the old Spooon, when he just wasn’t egotistic enough to be a real elitist. Now look what happened.
I don’t feel sorry for you, though.

Its all true, maybe joey has a back up of spooons old personality on one of his backups :slight_smile: we can live in hope

Since you two haven’t been around as long I’m going to tell you that I’m not any different than I was before, I’m just posting more often. I’m basically the same as I was in '08 and '09.

Calling past Spooon, we need you here in the future!
Naturally, we can poke fun at you for being an oldbie like this.

making fun of spooons post thing is retarded now


Lol when did Spooon become a Opshon? I leave for a number of weeks. Practically a month due to life and this happens?

shut up and agree with me already

“Past Spooon” would be an absolute asshole.

I always have liked assholes.

cause they let the poops get out

WTF spooon. On your period or something?

no. when it comes to graal reborn forums, post count pretty much defines most of your identity. this is a crisis.

Deliberate gllt is deliberate. Just stand up for ‘spoony bard’ here because favoritism. And this was posted by me because Spooon’s misbehavior. Cool story, bro; and to myself because men!

[spoiler]Come at me, savage![/spoiler]

you are making less sense than ever I swear :[ I don’t even know what you’re talking about

also i like spooon but i also like hosler and tricxta and you

and most people

i dislike opshon :]]] god what a faget

but honestly spooon isn’t being any more hostile than usual but its like the rest of you have the rage or something what

buncha menstrual cramps

i consider spoon a friend, too. thats why i feel like its ok to talk shit about him on forums.

Actually, so do I. Nevermind that I make the least average sense but who can stand… wait a minute. Back in the day, we all hated opshon more than we did now. So it’s saying we’re used to you… -、-
[shit, that’s right. I was not ‘back in the day’]

there is only ONE person in all of humanity that I hate and that I will kill the next time I see him…

Phillip Hall, the bastard will die for what he done to my mother…

I should of followed through when I pulled that knife on him…

woah a badass

But that would mean you haven’t changed at all…XP

But seriously, some of your posts are getting annoying/spamming…

You aren’t posting more, lol. You post like 10 valuable post for every 30-40…

The rest are all under 20 words…most are just a face or a pointless comment trying to get your post count up :confused: Just stop?

I never really liked you either gllt. I think this is all funny. Spoon flips out, Gllt to the rescue, Noob who the hell are you anyways you twat? I know im hated cause I dont give a fuck and say stupid shit 99.8% of the time but im a 07 and ur a 10. STFU