Struck it rich on Harmonia

So, outta boredom…I spent like 10-20 minutes bombing swamp grass in Harmonia. I Collected just under 20,000 rupees.
Now that I am rich as hell…what can I blow my hard earned money on?
Can I buy some Harmonian stock?
Can I open a school for the scripting impaired?
Can I donate it to some Harmonian charity or perhaps
buy everyone a round at the local Harmonian pub?


Heh, um, I could imp something if you really want. Though Lampshade might yell at me to get back to work on the custombaddies. Which I am really learning to hate.

You can give it to the King of Harmonia. (That’d be me.)

Modify the purple rupee throw for a 10k instant kill!!

Huh custom baddies aren’t hard to make :0

that or make a weapon that shoots rupees.

in during mystical ninja

i herd u liek flaming currency

Then make one. Do it.

Okay oo

lol that’s my line

Btw if you’re actually going to make one, make it so you can modify its patterns i.e. make them archers, bosses, etc.

What I was actually going for was something that simulated a spar o.O

If you’re going for something as complex as a spar might as well add modifiable attack patterns too.

lol Beholder said I could just record movements and nobody would know the difference xD


A good baddy is surprisingly difficult. Especially if you want some sort of pathing… hell, I’m not sure if even getting them to go around a square blocked area (other than just wiggling) is possible, in real time, with gscript’s limitations…

And if I’m gonna do it, it’s /going/ to be better than the defaultbaddies, or I’m just going to use those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Waypoints ftw, Keiya.


The speed at which that pathfinding algorithm works is perfectly suitable for a baddy.

What? No it’s not…