So, what do most of you guys do other than Graal?


Pretend to have purpose and meaning.

Beat you to it, like 3 years ago.

Well, I meant as of now. I’m sure three years is a bit outdated?

I’m doing a summer maths course “as of now”, “as of later” I’ll be doing uni as normal. Cool story? Yes…

That’s from before my posts were deleted so it doesn’t even count.

when i am not working on the COA, i play my banjo, play minecraft, paint, sculpt figurines, go to work, brew beer, read, and when i do not feel socially awkward, i socialize with friends.

Im currently developing a multimeter for Android devices and drinking beer.

Currently trying to find out how to get around in USA and visit as many people / places as possible the cheapest way (in maximum 3 months). Drinking some beer. I usually make some music, develop webpages or program various apps. But I am currently in a rut and don’t feel like doing anything but lie on a beach and drink beer until dawn.

I play Blacklight: Retribution all day, everyday.

I play Ultima Online x] and older RPG games, a lot of NES, SNES, Sega, and the good old colecovision xDD
Right now my main game is Dansik :stuck_out_tongue: I played this when I was 5, it’s a 2D MMO, one of the first I guess. But it’s fun :] even though it’s dead.

I repair computers on the side, sometimes I draw, smoke weed quite the bit :stuck_out_tongue: I play guitar, and the piano, mess with engnies like UDK and Unity a lot.
design games, right now I’m working on a weird survival/shooter game with UDK. I study from time to time different things, I try to learn something new every week.
I’m super OCD also, which is funny.

I’m programming an online rpg :>

What did you end up rolling with for that? I know at the one time you were discussing a C++ version with GM script.

C++ was too much effort. Path of least resistance ftw(liek water).

C++ compiling makes my brain cry. It’s a great language but I really don’t like the compiler setup. Currently I’m running Java and for embedded scripting i’m using a modified mozilla rhino.

I’m in the process of trying to get a web development internship at a place that uses ruby on rails and other things I haven’t studied in school. They held a social event last week and I definitely stuck out as the only person that didn’t know anybody… So I probably won’t be hearing back, but all my free time is going into studying while I still have the motivation to learn.

Sadly the “Information Technology” field is more about who you know than what you know. You could have a Bachelors, Masters or even a Doctorate in computer science and never get picked up anywhere if you don’t know the right people and majorly kiss their butts. Likewise you could know practically nothing and sit on your butt all day pretending to work and make $200k a year being a “manager”.
Don’t believe me? Just take a look at “Homeland Security” and their many “agencies”, Halliburton, G.E., Pfizer, Boeing, Microsoft or any other major U.S. corporation. It’s not about doing a job or accomplishing anything meaningful It’s about circle jerking for your own existence and paycheck and riding the “gubmint contract” gravy train by dominating the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” matrix. I don’t agree with or like the current system and way of doing things, but it’s how it’s done if you want any sort of job or money whatsoever. The days of an honest days work for an honest days pay died way back in the late 80’s or early 1990’s. I personally got a job for a firm called Netversant Solutions LLC back in 2007 by knowing the instructor “Richard Steiner” who happened to also work there in one of my hardware and cabling classes. He liked how I handled the fiber and other projects in the class so his recommendation was able to get me in the door. I spent a few years there and actually put in the effort and did a good job, but I would’ve never got there had I not impressed someone with weight in the company. Don’t give up, just work on your confidence, approach, presentation, who you know and how you do it. If there is some requirement that you don’t know about then just search engine it, read up on the basics and terms then you can at least “sound like” you know what you’re talking about. Usually the person hiring knows absolutely nothing about the field so a basic bullshitting level should do the trick. Good luck.

Everybody around here seems to be hosting events twice a month so there are plenty of opportunities to get my foot in the door if I sharpen my skills and learn to speak up. I’ve got a job and I’m going to school for 18 credit hours so it’s mostly important that I start networking before I’m out.

Well after school i do my homework, revise than go do fitness or play soccer/tennis. Depends of my mood. Otherwise if it rains i drink coke and eat chips in front of the TV :stuck_out_tongue: