Super duper idea.

Give Riley and hosler access to the main site and maybe they will actually work on it.

those two are heterogeneous. That combo would not mix.

Riley can do all the design and hosler knows PHP.

not a bad idea actually

whats wrong with the site?

Would be nice to have a more clearer navigation to the forum index page from anywhere in the forum.

cadavre gave me access before summer, but i forgot login info :frowning:

You 'n Riley can make it BETTER

i think cadavre knows as much or more php than me


make a list of simple changes, and ill do some stuff maybe

fall break is soon. ill make a new npc module for the site.

oi what the fuck was wrong with my design?

I think it might’ve had something to do with the lack of code.

no, I was more of talking about Spooon saying that Riley should design the site.
I think I should have some part in this too, since I have been practicing Site Design for 2 fucking years.

edit: woah I just realized how little that mattered.

all we need is just Riley to Sprite up some awesome things and collaborate with me on the GFX. Hosler can handle the code as I don’t even touch that shit. (even though it’s probably mandatory for someone in my field…)

but then again, would Cadavre let us? :stuck_out_tongue:

every one should be able to mod the site since we all care so much

This site’s front page has had some improvements but there is always much that can be done. I think Hosler and Riley have done much good for this site and I support them having access if they don’t already. With or without access we can all do our part, make our own things and support this place. I am hopeful to get my website and server back up within a month. I just have to clean up, reorganize and make some more stuff. I have been split in about 10 different directions at once so in effect I have gotten very little done in one single area, but it is close to all coming together. A good idea would be more community stuff, screen-shots, a chat page, a web ring, a wiki, and maybe a blog. My only complaint is the recent forum change making forums and posts more obfuscated and inconvenient to navigate, but I’m guessing this was done to throw off the spam bots.

letting GOATSE have access to the site after all I have heard about GOATSE Land scares me.