Sword Codes Requested

I’m not really sure if they’re any more “Book of Weapons” books around the land of Graal, but I found one in Noob Sai’s House in Avalon. The weapons they mention are: Night Strike, Mana Sword, Ofro Sword, Buster Sword, and the Black Rock Sword. To my knowledge, I’m aware that two of these weapons have actual filenames to them: Mana Sword (mana-sword.png), and Black Rock Sword (blackrocksword.png). I’d appreciate it if someone with real good knowledge of sword’s filenames could tell me what the remaining weapons’ filenames are. Or if they’re actual in-game swords to begin with. Also if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could someone let me know if they’re are any other Book of Weapons in other areas I could investigate? Any Help would be appreciated.

P.S. I’m sure a lot of people will question why I’m looking for sword filenames and/or why they matter to me. The answer is simple: It’s giving me something to do, aside from the treasure map side quests and the possible Golden Sword quest. It’s just a hobby and I have a thing for sword collecting, even if it’s in-game :P.

Also one last thing, is the Dark Sword a real thing? It’s only mentioned in a book called “The Legend of the Dark Graal”. I’m assuming it’s the rival to the Golden Sword. Is it a real sword or just a story in-game?

I had to make sure I wasn’t on graalians by accident after reading the first few words in this thread

I absolutely fucking hate this about the phone servers. It just shows how utterly CLUELESS everyone is about how ANYTHING computer-related works anymore. Filenames are not fucking “codes”.

Codr pretty much summed it all up. Also tl;dr.

setsword blueflame-sword
setsword greenflame-sword
setsword bloodflame-sword
setsword darkflame-sword
setsword baddy-ripper-sword
setsword lightsaber1-sword
setsword fishsword
setsword boltsword
setsword brugessword
setsword claws-sword
setsword sword4

setbody funnybody
setshield darkman-shield.gif

I don’t have a lot of what I know, no VIP account.

pretty much but if we make them feel stupid they’ll retreat into their ignorance even more. “I’m too dumb to learn that stuff” isn’t an excuse lol

Holy crap way to bum fuck a guy for making a mistake. some of you guys are just as vicious as the graalians that’s for sure. now I know how to properly name things so thanks for what it was worth. I edited the post and fixed my mistake. Also, I never knew we had to treat graal more like a complicated computer program rather than a simple game, so thanks for that to. I felt like I learned shit today.

lol, graal in general has its fair share of assholes. The Graal Online official forums is just the same, except Darlene remove everything people post. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ik heb een heleboel code. Geen respect, dank u Yenairo Stanislav, WHYNOTTT waarom niet u? VDUBS

Don’t worry dude, don’t take it personally, all members here usually get and give a bit of flack. Just don’t worry about it and move on and you’ll be right, just take note and learn for next time so as to not invoke a similar retort :slight_smile:

try downloading that:

it’s someone’s images from the old graal… get into the sword folder and try them. Be warned, there will probably be a LOT.

(that’s why knowing they’re filenames and not “codes” is useful)

Thanks dudes for the moral support, and yeah I know to not take what shit comes from the internet, I just don’t understand why people have to act like an asshole to get a point across. If one had simply said “oh yeah, you should really call them filenames and not codes, its only proper.” then I would’ve said alright and it would’ve been done and over. But I guess it is the internet after all. And thanks to you 2ndwolf, I’ll be sure to check it out.

I still don’t get why you act all nice here but you’re an absolute ass to people needing help on Graalians.

It’s because we see the same shit every time we get a new person on here. Gets annoying pretty fast. Also, stop sucking dick. You’re too nice. It pisses me off.

Politely saying “they’re filenames” doesn’t express how utterly ridiculous it is that you didn’t know the difference. Others posting here can act as though what I said was overly “harsh”, but I know they’re thinking the same thing.

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Isn’t evey file name just a sequence code in the end?