Taking Charge Over Bomber

Antago - You’re an arrogant, ugly person. You robbed me. You robbed a mere child, to get rich and lavished yourselves with all my money and glory. You took my power, my spirit, my joy, my destiny, my love, my support and future. You are worthless and both of you deserve to be executed

Bomber - X_X
Bomber - I’m not sure what you are speaking of
Bomber - You made some bomy graphics?

Antago - I made a fucking game you loser.

Bomber - X_X
Bomber - What game

Antago - What, you coded Zelda? You’re a fucking thief

Bomber - Also I don’t got money

Antago - Because you chose to steal and deny me royalties when you started a business off my money

Bomber - Beside my salary and I’m not associated with unixmad for years

Antago - That doesn’t change what you did

Bomber - You made some bomy graphics

Antago - And a lot more including the NPC Server because all you could do was copy zelda

Bomber - Unixmad makes money with the games on iOS and android
Bomber - Where had you anything to do with the npcserver

Antago - Which he built with my original server. All the money of people who paid to play the NPC Server and my game
Antago - Oh keep telling yourself that
Antago - You’re a liar

Bomber - You didn’t do a single line of code

Antago - I came up with the innovative idwa

Bomber - It was started as part of the newworld project

Antago - But you’re an ungracious thief like Unixmad and your code isn’t so difficult. I am a better programmer than you these days
Antago - No it wasn’t
Antago - I told u to make an animal sever for canwarp command to host NPCs separate

Bomber - I’m just trying to get facts straight, if you want to attack unixmad you have to use facts

Antago - Yes well I invented the animal server NPC Server idea.
Antago - And there is no attacking Unixmad because you made REEEEEAL sure to give him all the power, credit, and glory for what WE DID (US PLAYERS). you fucked all of us and stole our spirit and joy and power for that fat loser in Paris who hasn’t a creative bone in his body

Bomber - I don’t support unixmad in the fact that he was using player made contact without contract and even without showing who contributed, but it’s not helping to make up some random stuff
Bomber - *player made content

Antago - I didn’t make anything up. You are a liar
Antago - You’re forgetting I am an autistic prodigy. I remember everything and you stole my childhood and my future
Antago - YOU stole from me, and now you’re lying

Bomber - I have a good memory too
Bomber - And I’m not lying
Bomber - I try to help you

Antago - Yea well you obviously are scared im going to sue you, which I don’t plan to. And you’re lying
Antago - But what I will do is summon the power of God and I will curse you to hell

Bomber - You should direct it to the right person

Antago - YOU took my NPC server and my bomy game idea among countless others works and sold it to Unixmad
Antago - You took my playerbase and my money

Bomber - It’s not good to make other the aim of your regrets or hate when they are not responsible for it
Bomber - I was an employee working for unixmad

NOTE: Stefan was not an employee working for Unixmad until the two conspired to steal a game I made using the tile editor with Graal, Zelda Graphics, and my bomy game concept which people for the first time decided to pay for; he moved to Paris immediately after they launched my game and became a W2 employee while he paid himself with my money

Antago - You both conspired to steal.

Bomber - As I told you there was no stealing involved when it’s about ideas about technology choice, the npcserver already existed a half year before we have ever spoken

Antago - No it did not.
Antago - We spoke and I asked for a canwarp command for bomies and birds, and you said NPCs can’t because they’re local. I suggested hosting them like player accounts globally. You used both the canwarp and NPC SERVER idea!!!
Antago - You took all kinds of ideas, fans, and friends of mine from me including my money and my content and marketed it
Antago - Then for 15 years the two of you got to enjoy MYYYY glory, my fame, my joy, and MY destiny?

Note: Because they felt they could use my funds to start a business and deny me all the money which was primarily paid toward the marketing of bomies & the NPC Server. The business was built entirely on my money, meaning that most of it belonged to me and in the real world still does. I never signed the rights over nor sold them at any point.

Bomber - X_X

Antago - You took my creativity and my freedom.

Bomber - I really don’t know what you are dreaming of

Antago - Oh Stefan I’m not a kid anymore

Bomber - There were hundreds of people who contributed more than you

Antago - This is untrue

Bomber - You made some bomy graphics
Bomber - And apparently had fun contributing

NOTE: Stefan thinks that if you have fun doing something then it means it belongs to him & he can now enslave & use you for your work because you enjoyed working hard on building your own property. Sounds like a pedophile.

Antago - You HIIIIRED people with a child’s royalties and paid yourselves. That isn’t right

Bomber - At least I remember it like that

Antago - You can lie all you want but I sentence you to Hell.

Bomber - We didn’t even make any profit with bomy graphics

Antago - They weren’t just graphics you fagot

Bomber - Some bomy graphics are used on the zone server but not sure if yours are included

Antago - I’m going to kill you. You are NOTHING, AND SO IS UNIXMAD. I sentence you arrogant worthless thieves to hell

Bomber - Also we had the policy that you could request that your content is removed and then we did it

Antago - You used to MY MONEY AND GAME CONCEPT and ideas to strike it rich. THAT IS MY KINGDOM, and I spoke with the Holy Spirit. She called me the Holy Grail. I am your king and you must now suffer

Bomber - It’s not making sense to make curses based on false accusation, there are enough valid reasons you could use

Antago - Buddy, I am the second coming of Christ.

Bomber - I’m sad that you feel like this but can’t really help if your memories are diversing so much from mine

Antago - Stefan, you are being condemned to hell. Both of you.

Bomber - Well
Bomber - I tried to create a nice game for players
Bomber - Worked together with lots of contributors

Antago - You STOLE. Something I intended to hold onto from nintendo and myself, and lavished yourselves with all the power and control

Note: Then banned me to get more contributors without paying me. Sounds like they stole my destiny. Where’s the confusion? Then they used my power & money to secure themselves legally illegally, and my game content to lure my people in and get more free stuff.

Bomber - Got booted by a psychopath

Antago - You allowed it.

Bomber - Yes I regret that

Antago - As you should regret building wealth off of nintendos creativity and MY GAME AND IDEAS
Antago - Then stealing all the fruits of the rewards and control
Antago - And allowing Unixmad to do it to me

Bomber - I didn’t really built wealth :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Antago - In the real world, you don’t build a business off of someone else’s creative concepts and innovations, then pretend it belongs to you and some fat greedy piece of shit
Antago - YOU DID THIS. you were a grown up. Now you are condemned to hell unless you repent
Antago - Destiny is one of the biggest pieces of Classic, and you raised 95% of your funds selling Bomy game and NPC Server use. I built most of your business. You were just a programmer. Then you kept all my players and control and used my money to invest in hiring more people
Antago - Congratulations, you’re both thieves and child molesters

Bomber - You made some bomy graphics

Antago - I would fucking beat the living shit out of you in person you worthless man

Bomber - I never even touched destiny so can’t say anything about it

Antago - You belong in death the way you disgrace people you thief

Bomber - I still don’t even know what game or server you mean

Antago - You robbed nintendo and MY GAME CONCEPT to build a business and now you say it’s just “bomy graphics”
Antago - You’re a faggot. This conversation is dead, and so are you
Antago - You are a psychopath

Bomber - Watch what you are writing here
Bomber - I’m trying to be serious

Antago - Stefan, I don’t like you. Face it. Bomies were a million dollar idea. And you cashed in, even on the Npc server.

Bomber - You call me a psychopath but all you are doing is making stuff up and saying the game is yours and whatever which is far from the truth

Antago - Burn in hell

Bomber - Beside the fact that there was no profit made from these graphics
And didn’t cash anything in

Antago - It was a concept you fucking psychotic asshole. BURN IN HELL YOU WORTHLESS LOSER

Bomber - X_X


Bomber - Fine

Antago - I built that fucking server and the town names, the time system, all the creative concepts using the nintendo graphics. YOU AND UNIXMAD ROBBED ME AND NINTENDO. AND DID IT TO ME BECAUSE I WAS A CHILD THEN SUSTAINED YOHRSELVES WITHOUT GIVING ME A SINGLE PERCENT OR ROYALTY. BURN IN HELL


Bomber - I’m not and most tiles of graal2001 were placed by loriel he was in the company office

Antago - You hired him with my money. But keep lying faggot the truth is the truth

Bomber - You contributed a little to the original classic server and to graal2001 but I don’t see where your claim comes from that the game is yours or that someone made money from your contributions

Antago - Keep fucking that wife of yours. Does she know you’re a fraudulent human being who robs children?
Antago - Then lies to avoid legal recourse? You’re ugly and pathetic. Away from me.

Bomber - I’m just trying to bring you back to reality

Antago - God doesn’t like you. Why are you still talking to me faggot?

Bomber - Maybe you remember it different because it’s already a long time ago and you had feelings and experiences which differ from that I can’t help you if it’s so different from everything I remember

Antago - God despises you. You are a loser. Your life is a lie

Bomber - I hope not

Antago - You realize that archive.org has records of all my activity? Unlike you, I was actually making a game that you stole. It’s all documented. Everything knows you’re a liar

Bomber - Well look at the game
Bomber - 100% of the code is mine

Antago - Your code is worthless you fag and a dime a dozen

Bomber - Half of the content including graphics levels and scripts are mine

Antago - Face the music, you robbed Nintendo and coded something. You are nothing. You started your business and traumatized a child by selling Zelda and Bomies. Then you hired slaves and asked for donations. You’re a wicked, worthless, pathetic programmer who is nothing in the kingdom of heaven

Bomber - None of these things are true

Antago - Stefan stop messaging me. I came to you to condemn you. I didn’t ask for anything.

Bomber - You are continuing not me :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: Hm. I specifically remember calling him all sorts of things and told him to shut up yet he continued arguing about it because he has a guilty conscience.

Antago - Why would I come to you, not asking for anything other than repentance, and lie about it? You don’t think I know your loser ass got the boot from your psycho partner in crime? You obviously think everyone is stupid. Everyone knows you’re an intellectual child rapist who uses their love for making games to steal their soul

Bomber - I’m just trying to give my point of view and giving you the chance to stop making baseless accusations because it’s not what God or Jesus want
Bomber - People love contributing to games and be a part of it

Antago - And if you seriously think enlarging Zelda graphics means you now own them, you belong in an institution. Oh but that’s right. You know nothing about business. Fuck off!!
Antago - Yea and you use their love against them like a pedophile you fucking worthless fag. Seriously face the fucking tune of your own ugliness. You stole my spirit for pleasure and fun and power

I can’t believe he continued responding that long. I would personally have stopped very early on, because this is just pointless.

“You’re forgetting I am an autistic prodigy”
this is by far the best part of the entire argument

Absolutely nothing he posts as “evidence” ever helps his claim. It only makes him look more crazy, and it’s fascinating that he is oblivious to all of it.

He continued replying because we were supposed to be friends back in the day, & he’s the fucking dude who stole it & orchestrated this massive shit show that is now Unixmad’s casino where these fucks get to have all the play & spoils. He knows he’s guilty which is why I cut his conversation short because he won’t shut the fuck up trying to rewrite reality to trick his own conscience. This shit has been going on for quite some time

maybe is it time to move on? if you had such a great idea you can move that to another medium

I was gonna say, is there any evidence that Antago is more than some random graalian? Hard evidence that can be proven with links and screenshots, that is

Hard evidence? You mean the fact that Graal2001 was built by me & bomies? This is a fact. There are archived screenshots, news posts, and websites from all around the community and everyone knows I made the fucking thing. NPCs and names of towns, graphics. The ins & outs of the Bomy Moon game, why things were named the way they were, how graphics were made. It’s not even a secret.

It’s the fact that the creator of Mario owns Mario and the programmer & marketers work for him. The creator of Zelda owns Zelda. When Graal went P2P, the game was Bomy Moon, and the entire fucking thing was mine yet for some reason these stupid fucks felt obliged to abuse the psyche of the child they were exploiting to convince him that he is worth nothing, did nothing, and that being a programmer & a marketer gives them total rights over everything and that the entire fucking game and its concept was just “bomy graphics”.

They are both sinister, worthless men, HIGHLY skilled at robbing Nintendo & children, and even the grown adult versions of the children they have cast their spells of “ownership” over. They were my fucking employees working for Bomy Moon and then just took everything & hired more people using my savings funds for the likes of Zone & other stupid shit, including Graal Kingdoms where they then robbed NicoX.

Ahhhh, okay. It all makes sense now.

Just for the record, I also made Bomy Moon. Those Bomies were drawn by me, pixel by pixel. Nobody knows those bomies like I do, and I was there when I made the NPC Server back in 2001. Evidence? Hahaha, just believe me, kid.

why don’t you track down unixmad irl and get the revenge on him that he deserves?

Apparently he can’t do it unless he’s out on open seas. Maybe he should try using gravity or draw unixmad as a dead bomy.

I’m pretty sure I invented bombys actually and Antago is a liar

Part of me is saying right on bro! Go ahead and spam, troll and rip the german sausage a new fickerholen! - but another part of me is also saying that stefan no longer deserves that level of griefing “he still deserves some griefing but not as much as Unixmad does” as i suspect stefan has been screwed over as much as anyone and rightfully so from a karma point of view after all he was a willing participant and without him Unixmad couldn’t so much as make a web page, text document or hello world test program and stefan also helped in ripping off Dave Taylor and the other people with his Alien Abuse ripoff. Unixmad himself deserves the griefing alot more now, but actually finding him and getting him to read/respond to anything is impossible…

by the way how did you find Stefan’s contact and get him to reply? - Stefan/Bomber can be a big source of information on graal stuff and history and maybe of source codes and files for old graal stuff. Myself, NekoRoy and maybe a few other interested Graal historians would like to interview him but would probably use a different more diplomatic approach.

You don’t get very far with an undiplomatic approach and even if you dislike someone playing nice and using social engineering can be a good way to get further. I haven’t always been this way but controlling anger and emotion is often a very good approach.

For example i went to MagicalTux’s IRC back in 2005 and talked with him about stuff and learned and got alot, Spider and Mafukie got far using similar approaches and styles. If we all just walked up to people and screamed HEY GUY FUCK YOU 1000 times “though i have done that myself for laughs many times” we wouldn’t have 90% of the available graal files and gserver stuff we have today.

  • Love or hate the guy Antago did make lots of level and NPC based stuff and did much for GraalOnline, he didn’t make EVERYTHING in graal ever but he has done alot.

My criticism is that his anger is misguided and should be more on Unixmad and he should work on controlling his words/emotions more. though I can personally empathize with that based on experience especially considering everything those scumbags tried doing to me. if I saw Unixmad in person i’d just shoot him immediately, whereas if i saw Bomber i’d just kick him swiftly in the balls and send him on his way… - Most of us live in places with at least some free speech left Antago can say whatever he wants, but so can anyone else and people can make fun of and rip on each other.

Despite the angry approach we did learn a little more such as Stefan saying he regrets working with Unixmad and being used to rip off other people.

I’m not saying let anyone get away with anything, but at the same time we can’t let the past eat away at us. Nobody is going to see a penny out of French scammer Stephane Portha and the best we can do is hope for Mauritius to get tidal waved, nuked or just sink into the ocean… and don’t worry that old french bastard will die of old age and poor health several decades before any of us do and when that happens i’ll throw the biggest tailgate party ever with beers, bonfires and babes and you’ll all be invited!

We all have different styles and approaches to things, but working together and using some tact we can get further.

I knew as soon as I saw it was a post from GOATSE, it was going to be a novel.

He started playing Graal around the same time I did back in 1998-99ish. Here is some evidence of that http://stinkybear.net/spos/antago.html http://stinkybear.net/spos/antago2.html Spider used to rip on him pretty hard too. He also did most of the stuff for Graal2001, Bomy Bopots ect… back in the day.

Oh the flashbacks. Win9x, WinZip, Nutscrape, Napster, RealPlayer, AOL…

I like novels, i am a variable source of random information, thoughts, fact and long winded posts. I just do it!

I still have a bunch of old computers with junk like that on it and a VMWare setup with that stuff loaded for some lolstalgia - here’s some more fun desktops http://stinkybear.net/spos/george.html

I was only slightly making fun of you. I usually read the posts. They just surprise me.

haha I have no problem being made fun of at all, in fact i thrive on it :wink:

i come from the magical mystical internet land of 1999 where we used to call each other fags on ICQ, AIM and Graal and throw feces at each other.

in fact let me help get the ball rolling http://www.angelfire.com/oh2/owlshimy/images/viperfag.gif