Tapatalk, WHO uses it?

I do.

I do. I love it. :slight_smile:

Im on it right now

I dont, because i like thanking.

I’m using it

oh, fuck, i’m so high right now. lol. :smiley: Yo gllt! wherever you are! 420! 420! 4/20! happy 420 day!


i am high[/B]

4/20, it’s as cool as smoking while pregnant!

lol, you’re thirteen, you wouldn’t know

Forgot todays 420

went out with my two bosses today, smoked sum and went to a concert. lol

My iTouch password is 0911… [WHISPER] 9/11 [/WHISPER]

9/11 is a conspirancy. xD
2012, now that’s real!

Stop saying shit just to piss people off. You’re not funny and I’m getting pissed off.

I use tapatalk.
Anyone updated the forum plugin for moderation use yet?

Nah, get agret to do it!

It ain’t free so I’m not using it.

Who closed this and why?

I closed it. I don’t remember why.

Then I’ll reopen, cause this is misc and my thread. burr derp.

___Merged doublepost__________________

I’m pretty pleased with tapatalk, works great. even better overview of recently posted threads than on the actual forums even. Haven’t checked out all the features and settings yet though.

Ben, you don’t even live in the u.s to see what happened on that horible day, so stfu or ill let spooon kill you.
p.s fix your tileset on your playground

Necroposting FTW
On topic: I don’t use forum type apps