Terraria - 2D Platformer Minecraft

This looks fairly well done and fun.

I wonder if Graal would be more interesting with procedural generation.

That looks awesome XD. I’d play the fuck outta that.

looks interesting

Found some LP action:

Don’t like how the character models are based off completely of FFV.

I think this game is badass and deserves more attention.

is there a playable version yet?

The FFV sprites made me laugh when I seen this yesterday.

From the LPs it looks like he’s just alpha testing it with friends right now.

Terraria’s Facebook just updated their status.

“Hey Guys!!!. . . .‘Terraria, Coming to your Windows PC, June, 2011’.”

YES. :smiley:

Terraria on Facebook: “Terraria, coming to you sooner than you expected. Baring no complications, Expect it available on Steam, Monday, May 16th 2011!!!”


sounds great :smiley:

Did i mention this game is awesome?

Oooh it’s out!

this game looks fun but we cant let me play it or it will be like another minecraft incident where my productivity on noddess goes to -7.3%

Stop the off-topic!!!
I wish I could play. Too bad. :frowning:

I got the game! :smiley: Its so fun

Oh, you know, usual overhyping. XD
Let’s hope they bring a couple of major updates in the next few weeks.
I myself put quite a few hours into it. fun stuff.

waiting for paypal money to come in…
Paypal Y U SO SLOW?