Can someone explain tilesets? i have a vague idea but the search thing is terrible i can never find what i want. i just want to know:

what they are
how to make a new one
how to load it into the level
anything else that might be necessary

totally noobish but whatever.

  1. A tile set is a set of tiles that let you construct a level. The classic example of a tileset is the infamous pics1 tileset
  2. to make a new tileset decide wether you want to make it type 0 or type1
    type 0 being like pics1 and type type 1 being like eras. When you have finished making your tileset make sure you either save as a gif or an 8 bit png otherwise you will see nothing
    3)to add a tileset to a level use the command addtiledef
    example:I want to use pics1.png for all my levels so I will type pics1.png,0;
    the 0 is there because its a type 0 tileset
    example 2:i want to use the era tileset for levels starting with era so I will type eratileset.png,era,1; the one being there since its a type 1 tileset
  3. -each tile is 16x16 pixels, this is just handy to know when manipulating levels finely with setimgpart tileset.pngx,y,w,h;
    -you can find templates of tileset by using the search function
    -you can swap parts in a tileset using addtiledef2(refer to commands.rtf for more info)

thanks for replying freakishly fast :slight_smile:

but how do i make so it will load on the server? does it just magically include it? where do i put my tileset?

uhhh put the tileset in the images folder: world/images/
if that doesnt work try the world folder and if that doesnt work I dont know, I dont bother with custom tilesets coz im lazy and already made half a playerworld with pics1 and im not keen to start over

ok thanks.

just put in base world folder, its where I put gr-tileset_01.png and riley_tiles.gif


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