Tweaking the Moderation

The entire community is getting tired of the little fire pit we have going on on a regular basis.
Yes, we have annoying people; Yes, they say provokable things; Yes, some of them are overly sensitive.

But you know what, we’re getting tired of it igniting every bit of flamebait possible.
So we’re going to try out a little testing in moderation which will affect posts from now on.

Any posted deviations within a topic will now be redirected into the Miscellaneous section under a similar header in the case something legitimate is said for either information, or general well being for others to read [Since we do not have a Split/Subpost Option].

Posts intentionally meaning to instigate a fight will be either deleted, or edited.

Moderators are not to reply to visibly deleted flamebait, keep your comments to yourself as if it never existed, that is why is was deleted in the first place.

Forum goers are encouraged not to reply to flamebait either, let it go and wait for it to be moderated. If you cannot wait for it to be moderated in the chance it may be overlooked, please leave a report about it.

If someone gives you criticism, please evaluate if it is legitimate towards your person before deciding to take offense, this one is made with the “sensitive” people in mind who think everything is worthy about getting offended of.

Posts will be moderated if they are meant to offend, not because you feel offended from them.
If you feel offended from a non-offensive post, please re-evaluate yourself.

Should you have any complaints or queries, please talk to me or someone else you feel is more responsible to handle the situation.
Posts will be handled without discrimination to user / moderator settings, but frequent posters and frequent offenders by nature will be monitored more frequently.

It took a long time for something like this to finally roll into place and it was going to be a matter of time after a couple of years of dealing with this.

Actually something similar like this was into place beforehand, but it grew dormant once everyone was playing nice and stopped calling foul.

We need more Moderators.

The admins count as well, ans seeing as one of you is usually on, problem solved

Yeah but most of us have lives and can’t be bothered to edit/delete every little post that flame starts or whatever. :open_mouth:

O_o at this point shouldn’t you know what will cause a member to QQ? You see something that directly flames a user/group of users then delete the post. I also agree that the report post button needs to be used as well, because you are right (kinda) you don’t have time to check every post. Still would be nice to not run into an argument between users every day and a half.

Aye, but the point is not to delete every QQ post. We’re not whipped after all.
Just to delete any intentional QQ causing posts.

Meh, as long as i don’t have to read about people QQing

I always liked the laid-back place this was, but at many points is just seemed like recipe for failure. In well-thought doses that kind of attitude can be great, but when people don’t know where the line is drawn/where it’s just not funny, it really can be annoying as fuck.

This is the internet. Millions of different people forced together. This will result in a lot of crying and flaming. I wish you all good luck with the new process. You could do what Spoon mentioned and add a couple of moderators. I knew the flaming was bad back when I actually cared about GR, but I’ve fallen out as of late and haven’t read the new posts/topics. I removed a few flaming posts when I was actually a mod. It’s quite a shame. :stuck_out_tongue: People should grow up mentally. (aka: Act somewhat mature)

Agreed. Don’t worry you’ll probably barely even notice I’m moderating posts actively.

We need more Spooon and people like Spooon.

Spoon + Spoon = CoI (Conflict of Interest)

Couldn’t a rating system be put in place to minimize/hide flaming comments?
If it gets really bad, just crack down on the repeat offenders with a temp ban.

That’s one of the reasons banning exists in forums.

I think I agree with you.

Prolly, but then the way things go on here some non-flaming comments would get hidden too

maybe have staff moderate the ones that recieve a negative rating?

Well even with that Urza, there are “good” users out there. Those who I hope would rate correctly. It gives the power of moderating to the users and makes it easier on the staff no?

If a “good” comment was rated bad out of spite then we could always resort to the report a post function. In the end you’d think some people would just act mature and not flame a total stranger. Then again this is the internet and since everyone is a total stranger, insults roll off the finger tips quite easily.

I agree that it would make the job of the Mods easier, but the report a post function has been there the whole time and from what I understand isn’t really used until it’s too late. Most of the users that QQ also seem to forget that they can report a post and just try to flame the offending party back, and this only creates more and more problems.

does anyone know where this button goes after you click it.
maybe the use of that more often might be useful.

it is right next to the reputation and online button on every post