We now have a twitter account, check us out at

Does anyone actually use twitter?

pretty pointless. we have a facebook group too… and a myspace… and some othe blogkindofshit.

This is going to be used one week, then it’s gone.


Oi Agret, are you a Twitter Shitter?
Would be funny if there was an actual graal twitter,

“lul, just PKed some noob”
“oh fuck he just killed me with a bomb”
“met this hot chick last night, hope shes not a man like the last one”

Bo’ bubby flo’ flubby!

Now I finally have a outlet for my knock knock jokes.

Actually twitter is the new trend and I think the twitter thnig is a good idea. Just wondering if you will allow other graalreborn members to access the twitter as well? I know for i9nstance GR could start a staff blog and everybody apart of staff and some trusted members can make there own blogs all tied into one giant blog. but havn’t had time to implement that yet.

Hahaha. Staff Blog. Right.

Joey: Just helped my father’s website
Marlon: Got a gig in 2
Nalin: Everyone here is a bunch of slack asses
Nalin: added support
Nalin: fixed a bug
Nalin: Fixed a typo
Beholder: God damn I’m bored. plays random pirated game
Joey: Just cashed in 2 bucks from the Google Ads to pay for my speeding tickets
Marlon: Going to bed, hoping the Graal Reborn server works on itself.

Would be effective if any of “us” talked about it.

Yeah, but Marlon pretty much stated the obvious, I don’t see it working, that’s also what you would call a wiki but it never got put to much use at all. Heck, I think the only thing in it was the piece I added in it.

Also the reason why some user(s) on here have some kind of website or forum. Graal Reborn is just too closed away from the public, you know?

(Why does your post remind me of PWA? lol.)

Lol. :smiley:

Except, I’m not hosting the Graal Reborn server, so I don’t have to worry about that (anymore). :stuck_out_tongue:

Agret: Have you seen the latest futurama yet?
Beholder: something totally random
Pickle: What?
Dangerless: Watch my latest vlog on youtube. It’s badass.
Spooon: **** off
Cadavre: My bot is awesome. All it does is crashing the server! Woooh!
Beholder: Random complaining rant about how miserable life is

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I mean, there’s no one here.

Really. I’m not insulting graal reborn.


Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, and David Carradine need a Twitter more than graal reborn right now. (hint hint they all have something in common)


slept with gllt’s mom brb twittering

whose doing work now? =D

I’ll admit twitter is lame, but I know a lot of idiots that use it and it could possibly help GR in attracting a new type of crowd supplementing the pissed off players from P2P graal OoOoO

Rememebr Andy Mizsak, the dude who lived in his parents basement that his parents called 9/11 on and now he’s gotten national attention. From what i know his twitter junk is famous now >_<

I will work on getting a script to announce svn commits to twitter.

Could cut them SVN updates off half way just to let users know what’s going on also you could connect the forum announcement section with the twitter site and have a link for people who want the full announcement

I forgot about how fast the revisions come out. That would be a lot of stuff on the twitter >_<

Shit Twitting = Okay for Twitter
SVN Spam = Not Okay for Twitter.

Yeah I got a desktop app to do twitter updates easier so i’ll just do em myself when SVN is updated and I finally realize lol

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Does anyone here even use twitter? And yeah Pickle I am giving password to staff members, will give it to you too if you ask :stuck_out_tongue:

Nobody is following our twitter except for you and nailin which means I don’t think anyone in our community actually uses twitter (not really that suprising) so I dunno.

I suggest you follow it in case the site goes down and you wonder what the hell happened to us :stuck_out_tongue: Like last time when it was down for a month and everyone thought Graal Reborn got shutdown when really it was just domain issues.

if you convince me of a reason that twitting would be nice for myself to do and a way to do it that won’t bug the holy sacrament out of me then I will sign up and watch the graalreborn feed if it will keep tabs on whats going on with the irc server and all the domain names.