There’s a new server pending to open itself till 12PM EST.
Anyone whose awake, lets try to get a ‘decent’ turn out so the project doesn’t just flop on the floor and people have others to interact with. I hear its actually a ‘finished’ server.


I meant, log in and play when it opens o_o

Not sure about 12, but I plan on getting on for a couple hours today.

Well that was embarassing.
Nalin, that new listserver ClientIP == ServerIP" thing is buggering me up.
Now I have to edit my hosts file because I can’t connect externally because its on a separate system.

‘magically’ :slight_smile:

twas cool, but I lack memory to that damned memory quest. I like the pot quest.

Doesn’t help you were drunk, lol. I liked watching people without flippers do the pot quest.
Was humorous to see Dontar fall into the little section that floods in set intervals. “Fuck!”

madd fun y0… wish there was more to do!

You only finished like 2 quests!

how am i going to know where things are… Faq plz!

So…I’m assuming it’s the second finished server ever? Don’t forget, Beholder, the playerworld Test was the first finished. I also assumed this was a joke playerworld because of it’s name as Test was.

I haven’t forgotten about your playerworld. And for the most part it was [till I over complicated things.] Too bad you weren’t around when everyone was online, haha.

It was fun! :smiley: First fun server on GR yet. :smiley:

I’ll look forward to the merge of this an GR PW in the future.

yeah i’ll be honest… was pretty fun… would’ve been better with people to pk :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh needed some people to kill. I still couldn’t do that memory thing even after I sobered up and slept >.<

I assume its the same combination for you as it was me… soo…

12 11 4 9
3 2 10 6
7 1 8 5

Paste it in notepad to read it better. It’s tab-delimited

When I was on I was still drunk from the party the night before and I was on about 4 hours sleep and that sleep was on the floor >.<

I’ll write it down when I try it again. Hopefully I’ll get it lol.

Haha, congrats to Nalin for realizing its purely random and only changes when entering. I thought about making it reset the combination when you lose but figured that would just be ‘too’ evil.

As for me, I remembered it by indexes.
08 10 06 02 11 04 09 05 07 03 01 00

Also. I may add in a way that you can play the game for shits and giggles later on, probably to get a high score or something.
Would just need to figure out a manner that wouldn’t rape the player’s data with a massive array, also, graal limiting loops to approx 10,000.

This server is very neat, but you should merge this with Sentinel.