Video Game Rants

So, I’ve started a series called ‘Video Game Rants’. I’d like to hear some of your guys opinions if you guys might like the series or not, any input would help me improve these in the future.

I like the preview image for the video O_o… Quite the grimace it decided to choose.

Audio is a few steps too low.
Webcam can’t handle incandescent light that well, very blue.

I got to 27 seconds before falling asleep of uninterested boredom.

Youtube had three images to choose from and I went over them and chose that one. Actually, the room is blue. That and it doesn’t help that I did it at night.

Are you sure the audio might be behind? I can’t even notice it.

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This isn’t actually helpful to me or for the video. I can’t expect much out of the shity community of Graal Reborn. I like doing these and try to spend what time I can on them. I do intent to put in good effort when I do these kind of videos, but they are what there suppose to be and that’s to rant.

I didn’t mean the aduio was lagging, I meant the volume is too low :stuck_out_tongue:
Compare the volume to something else, without having to adjust your volume controls.

I keep my volume settings very low, but only because the dial on this sub woofer is a peice of crap, so I have to have the subwoofer cranked in order to get stable audio.

Oh, I’ll have to fix that then.

Pretty boring. You don’t have a particularly interesting voice, so that’s a turnoff immediately. Far too tame, you let out a cuss and you apologize for it right after you utter it. No gameplay videos, zero humor, and, if you’re not shooting for humor and just want to have a soapbox of sorts, you should stop squinting and look at the camera more often. You also pause too much, especially during the beginning of the video. And more about the beginning of the video: Don’t say “Hello and welcome to FireXDX’s channel.” unless you can say it without being ashamed of it, because you end up sounding like an asshat. In fact, don’t say it, because no matter how you say it, it really just sounds dumb. Even if you change your name.

You might want to plan these out in advance. If you notice, the most popular videos on YouTube are quick-talking videos where transitions are made very often, which means they’re planned out in advance. That’s how you’ll be more interesting to watch and more popular.

You’re just not the kind of guy to do this, really. Try a different hobby and whatnot.

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Yeah and stop sighing at everything. It makes you sound whiny, not pissed off and venting like a proper rant should be.


Did you gain weight?

[LEFT]Boring… sorry, but your voice is like squidward from spongebob. Repetitive room setting and voice .Even if ranting does not require a script, you need to plan them out if their not that good. You personally, in my opinion, should do.


Angry Video Game Nerd. funny shit. hes on youtube.

That didn’t say anything. You didn’t even give me an example, rather than rant. Good job.

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I don’t have anyway to do the things he can, I don’t have a video capture card right now and don’t plan on getting one.

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What’s it look like to you? You know I was under weight before?

im not telling you to be like him. just watch him.

How about you watch the copycat irate gamer? You need to keep in mind, I am trying to be serious about the rants in the video(s) and am not trying to take the Angry Video Game Nerd approach. Once and awhile I might make a funny but don’t think it’ll be often.

Damn, I thought you meant there was someone called “Copycat Irate Gamer”, because I was laughing to myself, “He’s probably better than the original Irate Gamer”

Just because you want to do it serious doesn’t mean you have to make it boring. And I agree with most, plan ahead. Something that made me pause the video was the pause were you had to think. The message that sent me was “Okay, this guy is just going to make up stuff as he talks rather than going from actual thought”, which instantly made it less interesting.

Editing the videos in an external application before uploading is something you should also consider. You don’t need a fancy video-capturing card if you already have a usb/built-in webcam as most programs can record of those aswell, then you can adjust the contrast and colors to seem less depressing aswell.

I guess you’d like people to watch it as you are uploading it, so you could atleast put some effort into it. You don’t have to overdo it though.

Opshon said some valid things. He said what was wrong and what he didn’t like.

There’s no need to be hostile; if you ask for criticism, and unfortunately sometimes when you don’t, people will give it to you. Use it.

didnt really know it was you when i first watched it. i closed it 10 seconds in because i didnt care. i dont know if i would have watched it longer if i knew it was you.

If you plan on doing this and garnering any sort of response, or even purpose from it(which I suppose you at least hope for if you’re putting in on Youtube), why not invest in a video capture card? I’ll admit I didn’t watch the video(my internet is too crappy to bother with most youtube videos. I don’t have the patience to wait through the buffering), but anything involving discussing video games deserves to spice it up with some gameplay video. Even if this is just out of boredom, or a hobby, I think you should reconsider. Since it’s youtube you don’t really need a terribly expensive(high quality) capture card.

As far as I know, I never stopped to think. A rant is a rant, I only highlight the common issues many other people have, if you cannot relate then obviously the video isn’t for you.

What many people fail to understand I take the time to do these out of my real life time as a hobby. I refuse to waste even more of my resourceful time to edit a video about a rant on the whatever the subject may be or to add in video game footage but that doesn’t mean I won’t do better or improve, that’s the point of this thread so I take can in ideas that I can use based on what you have seen only,

If you want AVGN then watch his videos. Trust me, I appreciate the input but I’ve already mentioned this and I get sick of people never reading anything I’ve already posted, if I hadn’t then you know now.

I realize people demand for better things added to the video but I’m just not going to do it.


I am doing what I was doing with the Super Mario World hack videos, just without the game footage and any positive things. That’s the whole point of these; Rants not popularly.

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Yeah, all I need to do is look at Graal Reborn for that though.

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Lol, my sig is myself as well, the difference is that the picture in my sig is about three years old.

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One, all I have is a netbook which is kinda junky when coming into larger applications but I usually can avoid that issue. As I’ve said, it’s just a hobby ranting about the large common issues on the said game, nothing more.

Though, when you have two kids and a job it’s hard to make time to edit videos or just to be able to play a game in general so it’ll never be an option for me. So this is just the stripped down version of that but I am gladly accepting ideas on what I can do as is, such as serenity or audio enhancements or whatever.

Emulator for old games, if you want to rant about recent games get the PC version and fraps? Problem solved :smiley: