What Was the First player World you played on?

What Was the First player World you played on?
This First player world I played on was Costa De Agua (nick name CDA) 1999

Graal: The Adventure a.k.a Graal Classic

There was only one “playerworld” when I started which is known as “Graal The Adventure/Graal Classic” today… except it had no npc weapons except the basic bows, bombs, swords, shields and gloves, hearts, and a spin attack, and very limited npcs, less tiles, simpler graphics, there was once no accounts and online games were saved as filed, guild tags were also files, that did not start to change until 1.2beta and later was released, this was in part due to Spider cracking the guild code system and releasing all the guild codes and having everyone run around with (GM) or (Admin) tags which greatly upset Fuitad, Galen, and maybe Stefan. Things were buggy, wild, crazy, and fun back then…

Hell yeah.

Graal3000 ( 1998 )
Back when memory hexing was all fun and games, and when there used to be a level with all the weapons on it so staff could fix their weapons.txt faster after server crashes. Spend days trying to use Flame Boots to get ahold of the GP equipment next to the jail cell.

Well the server i actually played on first was Zelda Online>Graal the adventure. but i was not into it that much. :-[ until i went on cda and join up with the guild The Flames :]

My first was classic NPulse. Never really accomplished much, but it was my introduction to Graal. Later, I discovered Enigma and played on it until WC got caught stealing NPCs and not giving credit to the author.

Good ol’ days of hanging out with BinaryCrash until Holy Crusaders, fighting and becoming KrazyYang’s 10,000th kill, arguing with Consolamentum, nagging WC to be NAT… Wow. lol

I used to play on Delteria with my best friend from primary school / early high school, my personal favorite was Enigma Graal which I racked up a lot of hours on. Then Tifa bought me a Graal subscription and I spent a lot of my time on Graal2001, that was a hell of a good server in its prime. I kind of disappeared from Graal for awhile then I came back and was talking to Tifa and found out she was FAQ Chief of Doomsday so I played that for a few weeks then lost interest, a few months later I decided to come back to Graal again and it turns out Tifa had become the Manager of Doomsday. I started playing it a lot and got an Events Team position, since Tifa and I were good friends I got an RC (even though I shouldn’t have) and despite being an Events Team member spent a lot of time looking at user submitted levels and fixing the scripts of the events. The Events Admin had to leave due to his life and losing interest in Graal and I somehow become Events Admin, about a month later I became Admin of Doomsday and stayed as Admin until the end (Although at one stage I had more power than the co-owner o_O)

Somewhere between Enigma Closing down, me stopping Graal2001 for some reason (I think it shutdown or my p2p ran out or something) I played on Andor, Bravo & GraalX(I was usually the only player online, one of the admins had given me a “Cow Transform” weapon and I loved just sitting around as a cow waiting for players to stop by and talk to them).

At one point I even played on Era for a week or two, wasn’t very fun though. I liked it when it first came online and was fresh though.
When Zone came up I played that a lot and it was very fun, then it went Gold and I stopped =[

The last server I played on official Graal was Zodiac, I left at the second server reset.

Graal has been really fun at times and it’s good to be staff so you can still do shit when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

I disapprove of your playing style and lack of post length.

the first server I ever played was Babylon, back during 2000-2001. loved it a lot. I was a trial, and tricked the ET staff to give me a temp position. ahh, good times.

If anybody has the babylon levels, i’d like to have a copy of them, btw.


“X-Online” or just “X”…

Anyway EL 99-00… g2k1… era/gk… blah. Wasn’t that much of a classic fan, though I do remember that space ship they had during hera time :P.

hmm my first was probably Unholy server, Then Valkaloria <-- I want this server xD

Hell yeah, Zelda Online.

My first real big PW I was on was Celestia, where I joined The Flames.

Ah yes the The Flames :slight_smile: Good Times :slight_smile:
I have their guild house still from CDA (somewhere on one of my hard drives. lol)

The only time I got pretty far in classic was on a private server, one of the most popular although I forget the name. Think it was one of Termina’s many hosted servers :smiley:

reminds me of Termina Server on graalonline. i think rob was the owner. i forget. all thou the server was sorda gay as i recall. since i did work their with the account name Termina_GP2

First one i played was unholy nation, back then when i used to have dial-up thats why i always died. PKers everywhere

Rick was the owner. I think KawaiiSarah or whatever her name was had Terminia_GP2, you have Terminia_GP3 I think.

N-Pulse was actually another of my favorite and first servers. I like how the events start at a reasonable time.