Where's that damn dippin' sauce?

Cause’ tonight, I’m Sauce Boss.

Anyway, I go by the alias “LiveeEvil”. I like creating graphics, and I’m learning how to script. So with that being said I thought I would give making a server a try. Anyway, I’m already friendly with a few people from the Serenity server. So I thought I would become a forum friendly.

oh hay there

Hello good sir! Do you plan to partake in the sauce-i-fi-cation?

sure why not

Then all is good haha.

Welcome, the community could really do with a few dozen more light hearted people.
Usually when we do get one they rapidly degrade into an offensive troll ( Case and Point: Benjario )

Keep yourself and don’t give into peer pressures; if you get anything negative, roll with it, don’t take it to heart.

Do I detect what you did there?
Benjiro, Yenairo?

Combinations! Welcome!

The trick is to not let shit bother you on the Internet. Anyway, welcome.


Thank you! :slight_smile: And I’m an undercover troll. But I’m more so a Counter Troll. And nevertheless, NOTHING gets to me on the internet. It’s all apart of the “Hw 2 in2rwebz” theory.

I disagree, you’re a kid.

I am the internet.


As far as you’re concerned I’m a purple spotted toad, with thirty tails.

No you’re not, stop hallucinating! (°、°’)

I wish I were… :confused: Salvia sounds pretty good right about now.

Wtf does this mean

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I don’t understand.

It means what it says, it appears automatically whenever you’ve “Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk”.
…or were you talking about the salvia?