Which looks better?

Ok, so the explosion on the left is the default one, and the one on the right and upper area are the ones I made. Which looks better?

Yours looks like bacon.

Yours looks better Im thinking. Does look a big like bacon.

Design is so similar, what’s the point? The concept behind the originals is what lacks, and I don’t think yours improves anything in that matter. Is it better technique-wise, visually? In the end they look so similar at a glance that I don’t think it really accomplishes anything, no offense.

That fits perfectly because it’s for a Food Wars cookie mine anyways lol. Also, what do you suggest I do then shiny?

This is pretty much what I had typed out… that is, until I noticed it looked like bacon.

I was going to ask:
Is it based on the original?
What purpose does it serve?

But yes… bacon.

If someone makes another explosion graphic though, please make it look different.

Try to give it a vertical depth.

I think your best bet is giving it either a more explosive look(like balls of explosions) or individual fireballs. You know, something to make it look like its own.

The biggest problem with the explosion is the shading and shape.

Much like the original one.

Yours is cleaner around the edges, which it needed…
But it still has those two problems.

It feels, to use a term you know and have used, like it’s a bit… pillow shaded.


I’m just sayin’ draw some dark shit in the middle and shade it down to the sides and make it spiky bro

The sides still need spikes too just don’t make it look like they’re jumping out of the frame and its cropped

and don’t make it too patterned

It doesn’t help that the original is based off bomberman.

Looks like the explosion scabbed over, I’d have to say it was made through dithering by force saving the old explosion with too low of a palette.

Ya, the result of lazyness lol. Bomberman explosions only make sense because of the purpose of the game. Explosions of lines because the game is based on narrow paths. Then you have Graal and it’s like… wtf that doesn’t make SENSE. Oh ya, probably because Stefan made a bomberman clone and it was just easier for him to copy it over instead of doing it from scratch. Great stuff.

Looks like shit. Original is better.

It’s just a little neater than original, and the purpose it serves is the fact that I have a custom armor system so I have to make custom explosions…

Yours reminds me of the gameboy color graal.


I actually like that.

I just love gameboy color.

Yeah, but I had no idea Graal was out on any platforms besides PC and iPhone.

gameboy graal was shit NOT FUN

looks likes its pretty glitchy with hit detection lol

anyway, kondie make a radial explosion with a transparency, go for something mine like :o, kinda like claymore explosions