Who is Antago

Aren’t you the guy who literally dumped a friend to keep that “cult” and continued to trash on him?

If no one is interested in Graal, then why in the hell are you on this forum arguing with me about a conversation related to Graal?

Also you took 2 replies to call me someone whom i am not.

Oh I didn’t dissolve our friendship, he did when he banned me for something Antago did.

I’m here arguing with you because I check this forum, one of the few people here that’s actually interested in Graal, I told you I was the one who banned you so you wouldn’t be upset at the wrong person.

Then clarify who you are rofl.

Maybe if you had read what happened, Antago wanted null to ban someone on his own server with rules that do not apply and continued to hate on something Antago should’ve ignored.

Hi im Antago, i own Graal because i made graphics. :smile:

So he banned me because Antago wanted someone banned? Then yes, he dissolved the friendship, not me.

I guess if i was supporting some lunatic, i’d be banned too.

No, he did it to get back at Antago.

Maybe he thought you banned him?

No he didn’t.

Did you even try asking him why he did it

It says it in the reason box

“He” in any context can mean “Zin, Antago, Andrew, etc…”

Only Antago and me can ban the higher roles, so it wasn’t Andrew or anyone else.

So you still didn’t ask him why he banned you without matter of “he” ?

I’m not even sure why that matters, he banned me for something someone else did, ultimately dissolving the friendship.

Yet you just assume he was mentioning Antago as he instead of mentioning You, Anyways i got things to do.

If you’d like to discord me: Orjande#2988

  • Null made an API named Mongers back when we were partnered, to promote your server. He removed iit thereafter when Antago had a spaz and left.
  • “conspiring to destroy computers of innocent players in Graal” - was an obvious joke Null made.
  • “you’re adding a bunch of random advertising bots to your server” - No, we’re adding the server to popular discord server listings.
  • “desperate enough to come to this forum that literally no one who’s interested in Graal will look at” - Yeah, if you don’t count the people who did join, 2 of which are great contributors.

Null invited you back, in which you proceeded to get butt-hurt about some jokes that James said, and then left. He only banned you after awhile when you or Antago started banning 646 members from your server.