Who is Antago

Tons of things being said about him “Owning Graal” and just “Making Graphics”, so what is it?

Antago made some quality content back in the end of the 90s, start of 2000s. He somehow got close to breadman and knorr and gave them some ideas he now thinks has made the success of Graal and he should own the game for their importance (I believe the npc server was his idea). I think he was an admin?

Breadman harassed him as he always does. Antago became schizophrenic and obsessed over Graal, breadman’s bullying and the fact that he never got anything good in exchange for his work and ideas.

Zelda Online was first the dream of Knorr. It’s Knorr’s brainchild if it was to be anyone’s. Breadman helped make it a reality. They are the rightful owners of Graal imo. Although Knorr left and made another game that’s almost the same.

Antago is as if the first guys of Era started saying Graal is their game, except they would have more credit to take.

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Good point made regarding Era. Which outlasted Bomys and pretty much anything made by Antago. Everyone’s mind is different though, I’d rather Antago be doing this than physically harming themselves.

What all does he own, and is his Mongers “cult” a lie of how he owns Graal? - My final question on him

You should watch his youtube videos. They make everything clear and don’t sound super crazy.

To clarify to what others have said here: there’s no evidence that the NPC server was ever Antago’s idea originally (as if it would take a development genius to come up with an idea to separate clientside and serverside scripting for security reasons…). Antago came up with a similar idea to have serverside bomies back in like '99. Knorr claims the NPC server was already under development for years before then.

Additionally, to clarify on what it means when people say that Antago contributed quality content: it was graphics. He also made some levels, but he was primarily graphics. When people say that he was an admin back in the 1999-2000 era, they mean he was a graphics admin.

A lot of things Antago takes credit for are just outright lies. To give you some evidence of this claim, see this:

In here, Antago makes the following claim:

In 2000 I launched the biggest piece of player made content & the first player world known as Destiny, where I created my gravity tower with my character & boot shop among countless items as Antago the God of Gravity, including my gravity boots & my weapon the trident.

There’s a lot to unpack here, such as Destiny not originally being intended as “the first player world.” Can’t remember where I found this, but see:

And those gravity boots he claimed were his? I have their script. Their text up top says they were created by Vangel for Antago:

// Antago Gravity Boots
// Created By the help of Vangel(JF)
// ============================
// Made for Antago and all his fanatics!
// ============================
// dedicated to Jesus, for taking my
// place on that cross. He died for
// you too, becase He loves you.

This comes as a surprise to nobody, since Antago isn’t capable of coding. You can trivially find this out by having a conversation with him about programming some time. Though, it does directly contradict what he said to Galen:

I know it might look like dozens of paragraphs of psychotic rambling, so I’ll just quote the relevant section for you.

I’ve been tossing around their abusive claims that I didn’t make anything substantial for the past 16 years, and now that I run my own marketing agency, went to school for programming, and essentially achieved expert hood in every department

I, too, was originally skeptical of his “expert hood in every department” claim. But you can see his proficiency in every department by looking at his completely sane idea for a webcomic here:

It’s a shame it never achieved the $750k pledge to make it, because it had incredibly relateable content that wasn’t absurd at all:

When Delilah’s not avoiding their tranny friend Madlana, she mostly seems greatly concerned with only herself, potato chips, and weaving everyone strictly under her most emotionally retarded control.

But anyway, you can see his “expert hood in every domain” trivially on that site under the “About” section:

Having spent the last 15 years studying philosophy, psychology, art, writing, astrology, programming, & spirituality dabbling extensively in endless art forms from poetry & photography to video game & web development, my original passion for bringing a story to life have ripened.

Kinda weird that he forgot to mention how he “ran his own marketing agency” on the kickstarter campaign. Strange, seems he also forgot to include it in his LinkedIn:


At least he stayed consistent with claiming he could program in all three! As you can see, he studied philosophy, psychology, art, writing, astrology, programming, and “spiritually dabbling extensively.” I think he’s really undersold himself with the comment about “spiritual dabbling,” considering he has also gone all over the internet claiming that he received Ouija board confirmation that he is, in fact, the actual second coming of Christ.


Ignore that part where he mentions that he has autism and other mental disorders in that post. Focus on the part where he got Ouija Board confirmation that he’s Jesus Christ. Also ignore that Ouija Boards were invented in 1890.

And he totally didn’t take this lunacy to the internet’s rapture boards, where even other hardcore evangelists would think him deranged:

Now, to be fair, it’s understandable why he would have unloaded on them. They were apparently loaded with homophobes:

I come through the airwaves, and I made my debut as the God of Gravity (love) in Graal, to usher in the age. My lightning tower is there; my character is there, dressed just like a thief. I am unsure of who you think you’re fu**ing with, but your sense of judgment and homophobia on those forums will only earn you a deeper position in torment.

And certainly a champion of the Holy Spirit would never be homophobic.

Well, shucks. I could go on and on, but I’ll spare us all. I’ll just present you with two possibilities, and let you choose which you think is more likely.

Do you think Antago is:

(A). A graphics admin from 2000 who contributed little more than any other player in this game’s history – far less than many – and has mental health issues that he himself admitted (“intrusive thoughts”). He lies online to surround himself with naive children that believe his story and feed into his God complex to escape his loser real life where he has no job, wife, etc.
(B). The literal reincarnation of Jesus Christ, sent down by the Holy Spirit to usher in the Age of Aquarius through the Holy Grail (“graalonline”), only awoken to this true purpose after Unixmad and his merry band of child predators used 12-year-old Antago’s work and ideas to build a multi-million dollar empire. He runs his own marketing agency and achieved expert hood in every domain, but just doesn’t list his agency or his university on his LinkedIn because he’s just incredibly humble.

You can decide for yourself.

I choose A

Also some years ago on Neko’s site, im pretty sure i downloaded some levels with those boots. The map had all type’s of Rings and Bomies

You can literally say whatever you want. I’ve explained enough. I don’t see some guy recruiting pedophiles and thieves who rip Nintendo ROMs as “big dreamers who want to make games”. The fact remains Stefan was ripping all kinds of ROMs and the Zelda ROM just so happened to be the biggest payout.

The only fucking reason I found any courage to speak out about literally having my life stolen was because I am religious and through prayer I received answers that told me to be like Joan of Arc. If you think praying to God and receiving guidance is mentally ill, then you better take it up with the billions of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindis, and everyone else worldwide who literally claim they pray to God for guidance & receive His answers and blessings in limitless forms, including inspiration.

There is a small minority of cults and self proclaimed atheists who call religious people “schizophrenic”. If you think I’m so mentally ill, why don’t you go call the cops? Tell them to arrest me and throw me into an insane asylum. If you’re soooooooooo convinced you are literally some renegade divinely appointed therapist designated to police the religious people of the world, whose names are literally in the NPCs you mentioned, then go call up the cops and tell them to throw me into an insane asylum, show then your college license & credentials, and make your move.

Otherwise it sounds to me like you’re pissed and resentful that you have zero entitlement to Graal in any way shape or form.

Which is pretty hysterical, considering Graal is literally named after the chalice of Jesus Christ … Ah, but yes, “prayer is for schizos and people from the Old Testament, not for people in a game named after the goblet that literally held Jesus’ blood before His crucifixion”. Yup … Please, go on and tell us how the game named after the quest for the miraculous goblet of Jesus’ last supper blood bowl “will have zero religious people in power, creation, earning royalties, speaking out, praying to God or receiving guidance”.

Please go on and tell us how the Age of Aquarius is made-up, and that we are not in the dawning of the Age of Aquarius despite the fact that there are literally hundreds of articles on the subject, songs, astrologers backing these claims, and literally Wikipedia references.

Yes, please do tell us how “praying to God in a community about Jesus Christ’s chalice and receiving answers to your prayers is the stuff of schizophrenics because this is a secular world where God does not exist”.

Maybe you should start telling us about your spiritual beliefs, before running your mouth.

As for the Mongers community, I’ve spoke my peace and made dozens of videos. If you wish to single-handedly make it your life’s mission to reinforce the child predation piracy rings of Unixmad and Stefan Knorr, be my fucking guest I don’t care anymore. I’ve said all I’ve needed to say, I am not going to argue with you endlessly about what is right and wrong anymore.

You know full well these men are liars and thieves. I’ve shown the videos; everyone in the gaming community’s personality and sense of morals changes like the wind here, it is a hopeless cause and no I don’t need you to “reason with me and tell me how you think I’m sane and how you totally understand, but that I need to just lay off the weed and give up because I sound ludicrous”—over, and over, and over again. You are not a beacon of rational insights or some wizard I hired from a tent at Burning Man. I don’t effing care.

I’ve explained myself sufficiently. Destiny is clearly its own game; it doesn’t matter if I wanted to make it a town in the Jesus Freaks game to begin with. The game was never made. The Jesus Freaks literally NEVER made their game. Destiny evolved into its own game, and anyone with eyes to see can tell you this.

Yes, when you build a company off my games, including Graal2001, then you owe me fucking money. At the end of the day, they were obligated to make sales off the software, not the content; they ripped ROMs, children, and then sold the content without legal consent or authority to do so.

I cannot sue a man off the coast of Africa; even if I could, it’s a giant gamble. Stefan is literally moving on to continue living a life he stole without any intention of repenting. He has been caught in dozens of lies.

Believe whoever the hell you want nobody fucking cares anymore dude. Your decisions to support the child predation ring are no different than what has been happening for 20 years.

And yea, the bomy-bopots are my intellectual property, meaning they owe me 20 years worth of royalties. The games built the company. When I found out they stole all the graphics from Zelda and the claimed they owned the intellectual property rights to my content, I knew we were dealing with child predators.

You don’t even know what my fucking claims are, either. I never said I made everything; but I sure as fuck was in a position not unlike the owners of Zelda & Walt Disney. It doesn’t matter who helped me with what, or made other bomy graphics. I was a child, and they didn’t own the intellectual property.

At the end of the day, if you want to impede this narrative you’re just reaffirming Unixmad’s position and Stefan’s freedom to destroy and slander whomever they wish.

So fucking hate me, crucify me, kill me. I don’t fucking care. You will be responsible for who you support; I don’t even know half the people here. You just run your mouths desperately defending Unixmad & Bomber, then complaining about them all the same.

When someone, the only person, comes along and says: “The majority of the intellectual property belongs to me, these are child predators, they are liars,” - and proves it. You say, “HE’S CRAZY! LET UNIXMAD AND BOMBER DO WHATEVER THEY WANT!”

Well, then you’ve made your fucking decision. You vote by your own actions, which speak far louder than words. You wiiiiiiin — “again”. Go give yourselves a big pat on the back. You’ve meticulously spread as much hatred and revictimization of survivors of child abuse, slandered them, and supported child predators as much as you humanly ever possibly could.

The one person who exposes them (and I have dozens of videos proving it) with enough evidence to take them down, you single-handedly take it upon yourselves to destroy him and uphold Graal Online as ran by Unixmad.

Yea, keep telling us “it’s for the greater good because you’re protecting people” from the only group who has ever revealed and exposed piracy, never earned a dime from it, who has only ever lost money, who is against hacking, and who exposes literal pedophiles in Graal.

Keep on telling yourselves & everyone that you’re doing all of this to fight for Unixmad & Bomber’s rights to lie, prey on kids, slander them, and win at all possible outcomes “for the greatest good”.

I’ve done nothing to you; you chose your side, your fate, and also the fates of thousands of others. This cancer will only grow and consume the future generations. Congratulations.

I’ve never made a single god damn penny off this, and you’ve done “miraculous” wonders at “exposing me and stopping me dead in my tracks har har har” good job. You really got me! Good job! You are responsible for the people’s lives being destroyed, and who will be destroyed.

What saddest about all of this, is that I literally came to free Graal, including Graal Reborn. You don’t love anyone other than yourself. A bunch of narcissistic hateful, spiteful demon infested pirates who can’t stand anyone to have a single ounce of due glory, respect, or human rights so long as they get to consume the narrative.

You did this, and hundreds of others like you with your obsession with always tearing down the truth, tearing down others, demonizing, slandering, doxxing people, blaming them, harassing people’s religious beliefs, trying to get religious people thrown into prison or mental institutions, removing morals and God from the equation to destroy justice, and defending people who you literally know have been stealing multi-million dollar games from Nintendo, and then children for decades without a single ounce of remorse.

You cast that vote, no one else.

It would literally take me a day to write out all that stuff. Antago is quick at building sentences.

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It’s indisputable that Antago’s writing prowess alone is proof of his Godly powers


Maybe you should stop calling people faggots libtard


On another note, he still has no evidence or actual proof he “owns” graal besides rambling about it in his videos.

If you have to use some longa** paragraphs in your messages, no one is going to read or reply to them, if you use some type of god or religion in your paragraphs people believe your a nutcase or have some “God Complex”. I would love to see some “evidence” you own graal that is real, doesn’t include religion, or some type of name-calling like “Faggot”

Antago makes himself sound like a god in everything he says, sure he made some GFX,Levels,NPCS, but he did not and does not own graal. He also makes it sound like he actually knows how to code but I’d like to see him make something basic in C++ C# or any language. I will be looking forward to seeing his server (Destiny) on graal reborn and him claiming “It’s the new graal” or some stupid shit

Just checked, Recently banned on Destiny and Trentra for having a opinion on him. This literal dumb arse complains how people get banned for no reason and look at how he is doing it. 10/10 Antago, Real professionalism.

Actually I banned you Myrth

But yeah literally no one plays Trentra so I dunno why you’re upset

Literally one of his friends but i’ll be named “Myrth” since we’re assuming here, it’s also really nice on a note your “Trying to help this man” by allowing him to create a cult of some sort, i guess whatever brings you some followers or attention makes you happy. On another note i had saw something one of your “Monger’s” have sent a while back about you praying to god about a cat and whatnot, I truly believe if god said something to you it wasn’t help some hideous, deranged manchild attempt to take credit of a game he made the graphics for since literally he has no documentation nor source code of any programs he has made. Taking source-code from a webpage does not count and neither does reborn’s since it was leaked.

TL;DR - Get your buddy “Antago” to actually LiveStream on youtube him making a Graal Game from scratch coding and some copied graphics and then you can end all this drama within a matter of hours of him failing to do-so.

Okay, lol?

Didn’t you guys make an API named after mongers? Lol, yeah now we’re a cult because we tossed you to the side because you were all conspiring to destroy computers of innocent players in Graal, looks like you guys needed us really badly, you’re adding a bunch of random advertising bots to your server, even so desperate enough to come to this forum that literally no one who’s interested in Graal will look at. Losers, rofl.