My new server, Xeno, is now hiring! Please come on it and contact me to help!

Thanks man.

Noddess was a very lame server when it started out but I stuck with it and now it is one of the best servers on Graal Reborn.
Best wishes to you, bro!

first step is get rid of the default level


Post screenshots, server information, whats its going to be like, storyline overview (if one) and such for players to gain interest.

Ok. I will but it only like 1 hour old :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I have been watching some of your posts in the NPC section…ill help you with all of that easy stuff XD just PM me if you need anything. Good luck and continue this great graphics :slight_smile:

Anyway, good luck with Xeno.
Why do all new servers try to sound cool by having names that start with X, Z, or some other really hard name to pronounce?!

this is the first time everyone has been supportive of a noob starting his own server

biggest mistake everyone makes when they start a server when there new to graal is thinking it will be easy, quick and effortless. You have to stay in there and learn the ways of graal then your server will slowly take shape :slight_smile:

There’s a difference between a noob and a beggar.

Can someone help with it?

Here x.x Put this into the level you are in x.x.x.x

if(playerenters && strequals(#a,benzy))toweapons Staff/Staff Boots; if(keypressed){ code = strtofloat(#p(0)); if(code==keycode(t)){this.on = (this.on +1)%2; this.speed = 1; timeout=0.05; if(this.on==1){ setplayerprop #c,Boots: On; } if(this.on==0){ setplayerprop #c,Boots: Off; } } } if(this.on==1 && timeout){ if(keydown(0)){playery-=this.speed;} if(keydown(1)){playerx-=this.speed;} if(keydown(2)){playery+=this.speed;} if(keydown(3)){playerx+=this.speed;} timeout=0.05; } if (playerchats && startswith(/speed,#c)) { tokenize #c; this.speed = strtofloat(#t(1)); setplayerprop #c,Speed set to #t(1)!; } if(weaponfired){ say2 Press "t" to turn on or off.#bSay /speed and the speed you#bwant to change the speed.; }

Xeno Help

I need help with Xeno, I am hiring ANYTHING! Please meet me on the server if you want to help! :smiley: Please?

You should really talk to your GPs, i logged on they jailed me and came in and kept killing me. Just a suggestion.

On what? Xeno?

Lol, so im just sitting here, AFK on Xeno, and bam, banned… the reason is: Mean… Lol… i was afk, how was i mean?

Idk. Should I unban you?

No benzy, on Graal The Adventure… Yes Xeno lol