Yenario's Ravings

all these people complaining about shit not happening because of flamers and stuff

uhh… just stop.

You complaining is effort you could be putting into a server.
Stop worrying about the forums. Put all your effort into making something YOU WILL LIKE. If people start saying shit about it, ignore it. I don’t care if the stuff on it is “stolen” or “copying” another server. Chances are you already know it, and it doesn’t matter. There’s the PWA for these problems. We don’t need to see it all over the forums.

“Haha, he’s so funny, he should be doing the same;” no I shouldn’t. I have no internet source, and I have an actual commitment to something else. My part in helping you guys is stopping my habitual flaming. If my internet access issue ever fixes I might even submit another mod application since I fucked my first one.

There’s certain people on this site that have been telling me to stop flaming the creation of new servers.
If you browse my posts, I haven’t walked into any threads and started any shitty disputes over whether a server is “worthy” of my attention or anything of the sort. In reality, if I don’t like a server or the premise of a thread I don’t even open it. If I like it, I say “congratulations, you are definitely worthy of the almighty penis, Yenairo’s attention. Continue.”

I will however give you the chance to find those posts of me saying those things, and if they are within 1-2 months recent I will gladly apologize about them, and then give you a pat on the head along with some nice Alabama Hotpockets.

Most importantly:
People grow, people change. People will never be what they were years ago. Seeing posts from 2010 and then having one conversation with a person that goes the same way does not mean they haven’t changed. Keep a clean slate with everyone, and keep an open mind. People have good portions, you just have to overlook their bad ones to find it.

Anyway, I just thought I would bring this up because of recent events. Sorry about adding another log to the pile of shitty posts. The lack of a blog feature on this site bothers me. I like you guys. You’ve been my friends for 2 years. Put up with my hormonal tantrums again and again, and probably will in the future. But god damn… stop doing this to yourselves. It’s not cool.

All the people who have been actually ignoring the bullshit on the forums lately, thank you for making Graal Reborn a better place. Your work is appreciated.

Sorry Mol/Gllt for having you guys lock another thread. It’s dangerous to lock threads without getting anything out of it. Take this!

I <3 you, but /facepalm

Although I can tell you had good intentions I’m not sure exactly what the point was or who it was directed at…Even though you said who it was directed at and what the point was. I’m still lost.

HERE YOU GO. Your very own “blog”. If you want anyone’s posts deleted from here just let me know. Now, I don’t have to close it and you can say just about whatever you want to whoever you want whenever you want. Rant and rave as you feel fit.

Alabama Hot Pockets? What?

It was directed at everyone, even partially me (lol 0,01% of it)

also old joke. If anyone gets it, they laughed at it.

i didnt read the post because im in a hurry on and off of the forums but oh my god alabama hotpockets lmfao

I luh you bro

Shut the fuck up.

You’re complaining about people complaining. Maybe you should take your own fucking advice and put your efforts into creating a playerworld instead of bitching.

I like waffles
however, you’re wrong and you should feel wrong. This argument is stronger than love and can conquer your heart. Tremble before my power.

wtf why do you care
honestly, VIP or not, I don’t really feel inclined to take advice from someone who hasn’t worked on their server in as long as I have. Fuck off.

He worked on Classic Graal on Offical, where do you think all his time went? O: He’s been working on that longer than you have been working on your “server” :stuck_out_tongue:

doesn’t matter, not Graal Reborn. Hurr durr.
If he loves Graal Online so much he should fucking leave. I’m sick of him getting pissed off and coming here to vent.

Spooon, honestly, you wanted to change because of what happened on Graalians. But I haven’t seen a hint of change in you at all. I’ve been working hard on keeping my shit out of threads, but all you do is go and fling shit around in mine. As it is, I have many other projects, both in real life, school life, and online. I have no internet. I have no time. I can barely keep up with you guys as it is. I can’t even hop on the servers anymore even if I had internet because all that time is just being devoted to projects. Coming here is a pleasure, and I like a lot of you. But when people come into my threads, start shit, and create havoc after my hard work to keep my shit in one place, it doesn’t make me feel at all happy or kind towards that person.

So fucking chill your weiner, grab a beer, smoke a blunt. I don’t care. Just fucking stop rageposting.
p.s. my thread my rools.

edit: by this “waffling”, not saying anything about MY waffling wouldn’t have made you waffle and then me waffle. You could’ve just stopped it by not posting. ie. You’re now complaining about me complaining about complaining about Graal. Now I am complaining about you complaining about me complaining about people complaining about Graal.

“Just fucking stop rageposting.”

Take your own advice, you’re the only one rageposting.

Yenairo’s Ravings

seems on topic. Get out.

This is misc, anything goes but porn (Unless in /b/)

Even you? Please. Go.

He won’t be banned, but still guys. Come on.

If you are both of you are “happy” about the direction this forum is going then act like it. Keep this type of flaming to your profile walls.

Yen, you often do give good advice that you don’t take and hide behind the guise of not having internet. Headline: you can build offline. Phoenix had been built for a year and half before ever needing to put it online. It’s not a good excuse. In fact, it would suggest you would have MORE time to level because you wouldn’t be spending time on the internet. That’s my #2 distraction (#1 being the gf) from working on my player-world. Digressions aside. BUILD, BUILD, BUILD.

Twiggy. Leave the kid alone. It’s not helping to flame him. Critique him, show him, help him, but don’t take the offensive.

Why doesn’t anyone on this forum have any tact?

if you had any you wouldn’t assume I have all the time in the world to do Graal. I am only on here right now because I am procrastinating

making several graphical themes on FFR
making 2 cover photos on Facebook for people
starting a project on 99designs
practicing my abstract design
not giving a shit about Graal
making an entire Stepmania program from scratch
practicing Touhou
Beating Wild Arms 1
Beating Okami
Beating Pokemon White 2
Beating my di–

Honestly the list goes on. I’m not even going to go into my career goals. These are casual jobs and activities. The list is 3x as long if I went there.

:frowning: give more shits please! It was better when you were a dev. for us.

oh yeah I forgot

designing the Homepage for
designing the login client
designing the playerworld again from scratch
writing down the million ideas for the server I have had since I put it down
becoming a moderator so I can put my posting into good use

et fucking cetera

but do I want to do that for anyone? I don’t fucking think so. I know i talk alot, don’t do anything important like the VIPs, but that doesn’t mean that I am just here to fucking bitch and moan. I have been here supporting the new servers coming up and looking hopeful. I give them advice, I do shit. But NO, everyone assumes I do nothing and have shit tonnes of time.

Maybe I should just fucking leave. Then I wouldn’t procrastinate.

In truth I did it for the laugh xD I knew that would happen, but anyhow The Mollusk, when Yen first started GR, he didn’t have this attitude he does now and many of us were willing to help him, work with him and what not o:
In fact, we did help him with things :stuck_out_tongue:
But the fact is nobody enjoys working with someone who grows the attitude of an individual who has the mental capacity of a 5 year old.
You help him, he gets mad because he wasn’t right, you get mad because he yells at you for no reason the cycle continues so it ends up going to a point of flaming :stuck_out_tongue:
Then eventually you get useless posts from him “I quit, this place sucks blah blah blah blah blah bitch moan” then he comes back a week later just to do the same thing.

Yeah, okay. But like a lot of us are adults with myriad more important things to worry about than Graal, but we still pull it off. At least you are still a kid. If you think you have a shit ton of stuff on your plate, just you wait. You aren’t the only one with obligations.

You hardly have real ones. Practicing Touhou and beating a bunch of video games hardly counts as being busy. Those are the things you do with your free time. The same free time you say you don’t have.

Why so angsty all the time? Get off that there struggle bus and take a ride on the relaxy taxi, Yen. I’m only being persistent because I just want you to build.

lol Yen