Zephyr rpg!

Hey guys.
Me,pieisownage and some others have made a rpg server called Zephyr(and yes I know thats my guild name for like every server,Dont hate.),Anyways we are in need of some staff


Thats all.
If you would like to help out just send a pm to me or pieisownage.:animesmiley:

Dammit LAT is taken :frowning:

You wouldn’t come up to par with their requirements. (Is there even any haha) Work on Noddess. :\

Needs a screenshot mate.

coming right up!

this pretty much sums up what I saw

Here you go :animesmiley:. The Second picture is one of the reasons I need a gfx.

I thought when Spooon banned both of us from you flaming would teach you a lesson guess i was wrong?Growup.

Those screen shots are week, show us some game play. Stuff that will make us want to play your server and not someone else’s

settle down terry but I must say that last level looks pretty decent apart from the bush sqaure, get rid of that shit or mix it up

okay coming right up!:animesmiley:

me and some noob playing tags, this is what its all about


ino, pretty fun aye

I like the way the grass iS different.

lol, only coz its using the xialza tiles haha

Sometimes i actually enjoy playing with the grass to change its shade and stuff. The tiniest change makes it so much different its funny

Guys, shut the hell up. Get on topic or I close this shit.

Someone please just delete these posts.

Tricxta your getting annoying and its not funny anymore. Shut the fuck up.