personal opinions of each other


Stop talking you communist… Communists dont belong north America, they belong back in russa where you belong… now knock it off before you get thrown in the pit of disapointment(on iphone) and get rapped by noobs on (iclassic)


wow, what a total fag


I swear ive seen this somewhere before.


oh, and ill be Pming a paper i wrote about cyberharrassment/cyberbullying, and the punishments you can get from it. i dont mean by GR i mean by the police… Walks Away


Honestly, stop posting in this fucking thread. This isn’t for flaming.


My opinion on benjiro and darkblade:

I actually like benjiro
I wanna try to like darkblade but he is easy trollbait :frowning:




Stop posting.


you all need to play more transformice


Make a fucking account and stop using guests.


oh boey!


I’m going to jail because I made fun of some random kid.


I quit. I love my time to much, might as well let 13 year olds run around and spam.
(ill come back here and there)


trade places with riley, opshon


rofl. sorry my ass doesnt pleasure you enough. though you should know that i dont appreciate your advances towards my ass. makes me feel uncomfortable.

dont know why i typed all that when i just want to say that you suck.


Longest lasting thread is finally getting closed. Fuck you all!


Faggots, all of you.


bumping best thread


spooon’s nostalgic :sweat_smile:


My only regret is saying racist shit all the time, but it was a different time on the internet.