Star Wars Graal V1.0 Official Release

I’ve run out of time and road, and I’ve got to get a handle on some things that have abruptly moved around.
Can you guys please take this and host it for me? The folders contain clarity as to where to begin and there isn’t much work to make it a playable game, and there is a ton in here. If you want to do anything with graal, this contains everything you could want.
It would be great if the community could produce 1.1. I’ll bounce back here sometime in the near future, likely in a month. Not sure what my time will look like then. Take care guys I’ll be back soon.

Star Wars Graal v1.0 (go to “play game” folder and load endorfort0.nw)

DBZ sprites, other graphics, base gameplay:

Animated graphic spell effect gif’s:

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Well, this was interesting to sift through to say the least.

I’ve restructured what I could without spending a lot of time to organize all images to a gserver file hierarchy. Including the latest images in my archives in the global folder.

Converted all .graal levels to .nw, and updated all levels/npc’s from .graal to .nw including the 'bigmap’s

The server is up for people to try, I thought it had a pretty cool intro FWIW.

If you want admin on the server to do any updates or whatever just PM me.


Awesome Thank you for doing that. Where is this currently Erabilly? I don’t have my other laptop here and on linux so I can’t log in but excited to finally have it working.

Here is one other thing that has been sitting on my desktop to add. Can someone please hook up Chicken’s dagobah levels? They’re awesome, and they are like swamp_a-1.nw.

** To everyone: Please help with anything you can do or want to, and help Erabilly with anything he needs if you want to join in. **

I can make almost any ship sprites easily, and want to make like 100 more heads. Putting these here for now. Main things it needs: first someone to fix the npc sides to auto attack, currently light attacks dark but not the other way around in one of the levels linked to from developer.nw, and second was to fix the sign when you touch the stormtrooper in developer.nw, if 2ndwolf or anyone can do that it would help a ton, the head icon doesn’t position right online but does offline.

Other than that it just needs all the characters I made graphics for placed and battles placed and items and quests to get stuff.

I can’t do anything for a couple of weeks but I’ll be back to work on this. The only other main thing I had in mind was movearound.nw would make awesome boss npc’s if it randomly moves around you instead of all the time. Someone want a challenge scripting an advanced npc using simple ai :smiley: I’ll help with what I can and probably be back in a few weeks.

Loop: xwingliftloop
Also I thought this would look right maybe. 371697f7e77d2d32f72c5ccbd55e015f15b41dfc2afa7-YS8uU5_fw658

Needs a Yoda quest to lift it to get the green lightsaber or something and may need a shaking graphic if the player can’t lift it? I’ll hook up what I can soon.

It will be around, I thought there was a Linux graal client? I did all the work I wanted to put into it, the rest is up to you. let me know when you’re ready for admin (RC) access and I’ll update your profile, or you could also host it pretty easily on your own.

Can anyone bring some of this together? I’m stuck without time for games but my gf will want her star wars game when she finds out about it and probably get me to put some energy into it, and I kind of wish I had this because this is the only game that seems to keep my interest.

Need recruits! Join up and post contributions in any form and I’ll compile them.

I know what I’m going to do with everything with this, and how to get people to build so I can play it as well without knowing it which is what I’ve been trying to make happen. Will pick this up soon. Should be easy to get it out of my hands and recruit a community.

Meanwhile anyone that has anything to add feel free and do so. Will be back to pick this up in a month and go with whats here.

My apologies for past difficulties.

saw this post saw the server i joined said server and i got to the falcon and much to my aware i cannot venture past the falcon this seems like it would be a cool fun server star wars themed jedis yep

Thanks MKnance, the online version is on hold for a couple of last things, please see the thread I just made Community Request.
The official release is Erabilly’s version on the second post of this thread, which will probably be updated soon.
Also here is the beta thread SW Graal with videos and screens and the game has progressed a ton since then.
So far the falcon is the demo, and we need developers. And Jedis

v1.1 Official Release:

Erabilly thanks for cleaning this up and hosting it. Please update the server to v1.1 for me. This is open to the public to have complete creative freedom to do anything. I’m focusing on work and not sure about free time, so releasing this.

Dev notes: All primary functionality is now complete, and Endor is now set up but still in development, and has some added aspects, and everything to finalize is placed within the levels. The starting level is now scene1.nw

Please help out if you can. Thanks guys!

sound effects:


extra graphics:

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Is the game being hosted right now? if so, what server? Also how do i try the game

The server name is “Star Wars Graal” using the client download above. I think it’s still 1.0, but 1.1 can be played offline by copying all of the images in the heads, and images folder into the levels folder, and opening scene1.nw

Please feel free to do anything you want with the levels, the original idea was to make the main ability for the game so the community can expand the game.

Too bad Big Daddy Hosler removed the client download from your post.

Perhaps there was no client download. Anyway roger that, you can have your sheriff badge back Spooon. Why don’t we remove some old posts?

Makes sense how it is currently. Every time I take a break from making this server I find myself wanting to play it and I need to just block off a week and hammer it home. Starting to look like I can see it. I’ll handle it.

I don’t know what you mean.